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With a background in art & design, Tracy has carved a vibrant path in the jewellery industry. Bright and energetic, Tracy is passionate about creating sentimental pieces imbued with her client’s unique stories. Originally from Canton, China, Tracy moved to Australia 12 years ago, to pursue her jewellery career, and speaks fluent Mandarin, Cantonese and English.

Tracy - Sydney Jewellery Designer

From a very young age Tracy has always had a fascination with jewellery, with a particular affinity for intricate, vintage-inspired designs. She draws inspiration from art, architecture and nature, and loves incorporating coloured gemstones in her designs.

After completing her jewellery design studies with the GIA, Tracy began her jewellery career Sydney, Australia. Now with ten years experience in sales, marketing and jewellery design, Tracy immerses herself whole-heartly into every step of the design process. From sourcing the finest gemstone, to perfecting every design detail, Tracy finds great joy in being part of her client’s special journey.

Her love of working collaboratively, and warm personality allow her to build life-long relationships.
“I see my clients as friends, sharing in their happiness as they mark their significant milestones. Their their stories inspire my designs, and I make it my mission to ensure each piece is a celebration of their story.”

作为一名珠宝设计师,我发现自己的灵感来自于客户的故事。每个故事都是动人乐章的前奏。 无论是不同色彩的宝石大胆创作,还是经典永恒的珠宝款式,作为珠宝设计师,我的审美观点是创造一个作品来陈述它的故事。 我的最终目标是用我的创造力为客人带来满足感。 我很高兴为您生活带来一件特别的作品,我每天都会因为我所做的事而感到幸福。 珠宝设计使我能够满足我生活中的真正需求,带来情绪价值,也可为客户叙述故事的仪式感。

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