10 Things to Ask Your Jeweller When Choosing an Engagement Ring

December 3, 2014 / Engagement Rings, Jewellery Buying Guide

Purchasing an engagement ring can be very overwhelming. It is understandable if you leave your first appointment with a jeweller feeling like you have a million decisions to make and a thousand new questions to ask. This is exactly why it is important to do a bit of preparation prior to your visit, ensuring you get the most out of your appointment and in turn feel confident with your final choice.
To help you prepare for your appointment we have put together our top 10 questions to ask your jeweller:
1. Where do your diamonds come from? Are they certified?
It is important to check that your jeweller sources their diamonds from reputable suppliers. Diamonds of a certain size, above 0.30ct, should come with a certificate that has been produced by an independent diamond-grading laboratory, such as GIA, GSL, AGS, HRD or DCLA, and not by the retailer who is selling you the diamond.  Be cautious of retailers who issue their own “in-house” diamond certificates or “manufacturer’s grading reports” as these are not independent certificates and could be biased.
2. Where will my ring be made? Locally or overseas?
Make sure your ring is made in-house. It is always best to deal directly with the maker and also ask if you can view your ring at different stages of the making process.
3. What after sale services do you offer?
Like any significant purchase, fine jewellery requires regular check-ups to keep your ring looking beautiful for its lifetime. Check to see if your jeweller offers a free annual polish and plating service.
4. What happens if the ring doesn’t fit her finger?
When surprising your partner with an engagement ring it is likely that the ring won’t be the right fit. Check with your jeweller if they charge for re-sizing.
5. What metal is best suited to your chosen style of engagement ring?
Some engagement rings are more suited to platinum, particularly rings with fine settings, because of its density and hard wearing qualities. It is always a good idea ask your jeweller to recommend which metal is going to be more suitable for the lifetime of your ring. 
6. When it comes time to start organising your wedding rings ask your jeweller if they make wedding rings and if so can make sure her wedding ring will sit flush with her engagement ring?
If you are planning an engagement ring then chances are you will both be planning your wedding rings down the track. To avoid any problems in the future, check that your jeweller can make sure a wedding ring will sit flush with her engagement ring. 
7. What happens if any stones become loose or if a stone falls out?
It is not uncommon for a stone to come loose as the result of everyday wear and although rare, stones can occasionally fall out. It is therefore a good idea to enquire about your jewellers after sales service. Most reputable jewellers would offer complimentary resizing, annual checks and cleaning and polishing.
8. What is your warranty?
A good jeweller should offer a lifetime warranty for their jewellery, however will generally not include wear and tear.
9. How long has the business been operating for and the experience of the jeweller / sale staff?
Ask how long they have been in business and review customer testimonials, also ask the experience of the jeweller or sale staff member you are dealing with. You want your jeweller to be around for many years so that they can fulfil the lifetime warranty.
10. Can you recommend insurance for our rings?
Your jeweller may have dealt directly with insurance companies and therefore have a good idea of who to and who not to deal with.

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