10 Tips to Guarantee You Get THE Ring Right!

November 11, 2014 / Engagement Rings, Jewellery Buying Guide

We all know that women can be a particular, yes, even fussy. So when it comes to choosing an engagement ring it is absolutely imperative to get it right! Feeling the pressure guys? It is completely understandable if this mounting pressure is the reason you haven’t got your foot over the line and into the jewellers. There is no need to worry. Just remember you are not the first to have walked this path.
Some gents will not even dare to take the risk of getting it wrong! If this is you then you may be planning to propose with either a pseudo ring or some imaginative replacement so that you may choose the perfect ring together after the fact. Many, some may say “brave”, men are determined to get it right and surprise her with her dream ring.
If the latter sounds like you, then keep reading! At Larsen Jewellery we have plenty of experience working with men who are planning to do just this. So, unsurprisingly, we are experts at helping you get it right!
To pull off a glitch free proposal we have put together our top 10 tips to assist you in making the right choice:
1. What is her style? This is the biggest tip. Her style is your guide. Women will fall into a number of categories; modern, fashion conscious and on-trend, sporty, pretty and feminie, vintage lover, even rock chick… The list goes on. These will be key indicators of her taste in an engagement ring. 
2. If you know… you know! Some guys have that magic insight and if you do run with it! 
3. Take note of what colour metal she wears as her everyday jewellery. Does she prefer yellow, rose or white coloured metals?
4. What sort of jewellery does she wear? Big, bold and chunky pieces or fine, delicate pieces?
5. Does she love colour? She may have a favourite coloured gemstone.
6. Is she a diamond girl? The saying ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’ rings very true for most women. There are, however, a few women who would disagree. Be careful that your partner is not one of these women.
7. Look for hints! There is a good chance that she is already leaving hints, so take note! She may leave magazines or brochures lying around open to a certain page. It may be that social media is your new best friend! Follow her on Instagram and Pinterest and chances are you may find exactly what she is after!
8. Ask her what she wants! This is only for those men that can slip it into conversation in a nonchalant manner. WARNING: Do not try this if she suspects nothing and you’re going to ruin the surprise! 
9. Her home style may reflect her jewellery style. Does she love strong lines, and geometric patterns or is she a lover of shiny, polished and sparkly things!
10. Last, but not least! Enlist the help of her close girlfriends, sisters or mother. They are your number one resource and are probably well informed of what she desires!

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