5 Popular Engagement Ring Styles

When it comes to engagement rings, the variety of styles can seem endless. When custom designing, your imagination is the only limitation. Do you want diamonds or do you have a favourite coloured gemstone? Perhaps you would prefer a non-traditional engagement ring without a centre stone? Once you have decided on the basics there is a long list of other design options…. Engraving or no engraving?  Modern or Vintage? Yellow Gold or White Gold? Maybe Rose Gold is more your style?
The list is never-ending… But to help you get started, here’s a quick breakdown of some of the more popular styles of engagement rings.
The Solitaire:
The Solitaire is the classic choice. Very few ladies would be disappointed to receive a simple Solitaire engagement ring. A Solitaire is timeless, understated and will work well with all outfits and styles. A Solitaire engagement ring featuring a round brilliant cut diamond in a six-claw setting is arguably the most popular Solitaire style. This is not to say, however, that Solitaire engagement rings with an alternative diamond shape or setting style in are not a beautiful choice as well.
The Engagement Ring with Side-Diamonds:
Similar to a Solitaire engagement ring but with some extra sparkle set into the band. You may choose to have a few diamonds set on either side of your centre stone or you may choose to have diamonds set all the way around your ring.  Diamonds are not the only option; coloured diamonds or gemstones are also a great way to introduce a touch of colour to your design.
The Three-Stone Engagement Ring:
The symbolic meaning of this style; the past, present and future, is just one of the reasons that make the three-stone engagement ring so popular. The most common style is a round brilliant cut diamond set between two smaller round brilliant cut diamonds. If you are after your own unique design, this is a perfect choice. There are endless design options from choosing combinations of coloured diamonds or gemstones to mixing different shapes together.
The Halo Engagement Ring:
This style of engagement ring is a glamorous choice that suits those who love a sparkling, dazzling look. Small diamonds are set around your centre stone to create a border or frame. To add even more brilliance, diamonds can be set into the shoulders as well. A halo of diamonds is also a great choice for those that want a large diamond but can not afford the price tag. Adding a halo will enhance your centre stone and create the extra sparkle you are dreaming of.
The Cluster Engagement Ring:
A Cluster Engagement Ring is typically a small group of diamonds that are set closely together is in small groups. Some consider a Halo Engagement Ring to be a type of Cluster Engagement Ring. There are many design options when it comes to choosing a Cluster Engagement Ring. Beautiful patterns can be achieved – one popular cluster design is a floral design. The best part being that Cluster Engagement Rings do not have to break the bank! By setting lots of small diamonds closely together you can create the illusion of a large diamond without having to fork out a small fortune.
Whatever you choose, whether it is a modern or a vintage style engagement ring, your jeweller will be able to help you turn one of these styles into your dream ring. The best advice for anyone who has started to look for that perfect ring is to start looking at different styles to find what you love. There is no need to rush or and certainly no rules. A good jeweller will be able to guide you and help you come up with the engagement ring of your dreams!

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