5 Popular Styles of Wedding Rings

February 19, 2014 / Jewellery Buying Guide

Deciding on a wedding ring can be overwhelming to say the least. If you have your heart set on a classic gold wedding ring then finalising your wedding rings should be relatively painless. However, for some of us when we imagine our wedding ring we think of something uniquely different. Perhaps you don’t have an engagement ring and your wedding ring will represent both. You may tend to wear your engagement ring only on special occasions, so something that looks beautiful on its own is more suited to you. Or you may just wish for a ring that contrasts beautifully with your engagement ring. Choosing the perfect wedding ring may take a little time and consideration. Remember though, your hand will be adorned with this ring for the rest of your life and in time will become a beautiful heirloom, so take the time that this deserves to make the right choice for you.

To help you on your search here are 5 popular styles of wedding rings:


The Traditional Wedding Ring

Classic and timeless the traditional plain gold band is a perfect choice for those that love simplistic and understated design. Choose from the traditional yellow gold or opt for the popular modern white gold or the beautiful rose gold.




The Fitted Wedding Ring

Have your wedding ring custom made to fit perfectly with your engagement ring. Your jeweller will design your ring so that it is the perfect fit by either carving a little notch so that your ring slots in precisely, or creating your wedding ring with a beautiful curve to follow the line of your engagement ring. Either way they will together form a beautiful, complimentary set.




The Split Wedding Ring

‘Split’ wedding bands, bands that sit either side of your engagement ring, are becoming more and more popular. This style of wedding ring looks particularly lovely with fine bands. For a little extra sparkle include small diamonds to enhance your centre stone.




Engraved Wedding Rings

Include beautiful engraved patterns onto your wedding ring to create a lovely vintage inspired ring. Floral motifs and scroll designs are popular choices. To create that finishing touch, frame your ring with mill-grained edges. This will complete the vintage look you are after.




Add a Splash of Colour

Perhaps you have a coloured gemstone in your engagement ring and you want to match that in your wedding ring. Maybe you want to add some colour to your engagement ring. Choosing coloured gemstones or coloured diamonds is the perfect way to do this. Adding colour instantly lifts your set and enhances your engagement ring creating a beautifully unique set.




There are endless options when having your wedding ring custom made. With the help of your jeweller and setting aside a bit of time, you are sure to come up with the perfect design for you!

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