5 Top Tips for Proposing to Your Partner

Marriage proposals are special and unique, your proposal to the love of your life will be very different from any other you have seen or heard about before. We are here to guide you by supplying the best advice all the way from what knee to kneel on, right through to asking the final question, “will you marry me”.

A proposal of marriage is an exciting time for all couples, so it should be a moment and a process to enjoy however planning and, ultimately, proposing can be stressful. That’s why, here at Larsen Jewellery, we have put together and answered the top 5 frequently asked questions about how to propose to your partner.

1. How can I propose without a ring?

A proposal is a beautiful gesture, it signifies your love and devotion to your partner and the future you want to build.
You might be ready to propose to your partner but don’t have a ring, don’t fear, a proposal without a ring can still be special and convey all your love and affection. Here are a few ideas of what you can do when you don’t have a ring.
💎 Use a novelty item, in place of a ring (maybe something that resonates with your relationship, a little treasure that means something to both of you)  Click here to get some great ideas for Temporary Engagement Rings!
🌹 Give a flower
❤️ Get down on one knee and simply hold hands
A ring can symbolise engagement, however, when the time is right, don’t let the absence of a ring get in the way of the perfect moment in your relationship. You can choose the perfect ring together after you have proposed. This is a great option because the custom-designed ring will be a beautiful piece you have both designed together. At Larsen Jewellery we can help you both create the perfect engagement ring that suits your tastes, budget and lifestyle.

What if she says no to marriage proposal

2. Which knee do you kneel on when proposing?

Traditionally, kneeling on one knee tells your partner your about to propose, I suppose it is not mandatory but it is easy and most girls will probably expect it. Emotions will be high, you’ll feel a mixture of admiration, love and nerves but try to take in this moment, these are ones that will last a lifetime. Breathe. Put one knee on the ground with your other knee facing your partner, the beautiful ring box should be in one hand and opened with the other. The exact formula for kneeling when proposing is not set in stone, you can make your destiny and go with what feels right on the occasion, just focus on the moment, not the technique.

3. What to say while proposing? – how to ask!

When you’re planning a proposal, an important step is choosing exactly how you will express your love. The key to a memorable proposal is the words you say, not because they are scripted – but because they are authentic and come from your heart.

At Larsen Jewellery we, understand speech writing doesn’t always come naturally, so to help you out, we have a few tips.

  • Start by saying her or his name. Tell them how much you love them and dig deep into what they mean to you. You might want to use a nickname you have for your partner, an inside joke or the sayings you have together. Make it tailored to your relationship. If your partner doesn’t like being too romantic, don’t go over the top.
  •  What does this love mean to you? Feel the passion when you tell her/him how you feel. “We are perfect because….”, “You make me a better person because….”, this is a lovely way to bundle up that joy you have.
  • After expressing your unconditional love, you can explain where it is going. What do you want from the relationship? “I can see us growing old together”, “I can’t wait to see where this journey takes us”, really make your partner feel like they are the only person in the room.
  •  Then the grand finale, ask the question “will you marry me”, “will you do the honour in marrying me” – really it is up to you which words you choose.

The recipe for a perfect proposal comes down to the love you express, to the gratitude you show. Depending on the relationship, you might even add humour. Now, you don’t have to follow those four steps precisely, it is all about making him/her feel truly special. Add your personality, your memories and your jokes to make it authentic to your relationship.

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4. What’s the most romantic way to propose?

Once you have your rough script, you might wonder where you will propose, click here to see the most instagrammed proposal locations in Australia. The proposal to your beloved is exciting to plan, it shouldn’t be stressful. The benefit you have with preparing your proposal is it is yours, and you know what your partner likes, it doesn’t have to be a daunting process. To get the ideas flowing, here are some questions you might want to ask yourself for inspiration:
• Is your partner a hopeless romantic?
• Are you lovers of fine dining and food? If so, click here for more ideas!
• Does your partner like surprises?
• Do you have a trip planned soon?
• Does your partner talk about their dream proposal?
• Does your partner love the beach or the outdoors?
• Do you both have an inside joke you could use as part of the proposal?
• Does your partner like to be the centre of attention?
• Is your partner traditional or do they like to be different?

All these questions will help you form the plan for your proposal. Your partner might be very traditional, or you have an overseas holiday planned which can set the perfect background for your proposal.
Some of the most romantic proposals include fine dining followed by the question, on the beach at sunset, hidden in drinks and food or while overseas. Your ideas are only limited by how far you want to go.
Be creative, but remember, your partner will love it regardless.

5. How long should you wait before proposing?

When it comes to love, it knows no time. It might be love at first sight, or it might be a love unknown for years.
What needs to be understood with marriage is it is a life-long commitment, not a short-term one. Love is love and will always be love. Before deciding to propose to your partner, you need to take the time to process the decision and ensure you can make a commitment to one person for the rest of your life. Some of the factors you may want to consider are; have you have lived or travelled together? A good indicator of your love, commitment and devotion to your partner is after being around them for an extended period of time, giving you an insight into what it would be like to spend the rest of your life with them.

You obviously see them in your long-term future but also make sure they see you in their future too. Talk about marriage and set intentions before you get down on one knee. Every love is different, there is no magical number of years you should spend together before asking them to marry you.

Finally, when it comes to the ring, Larsen Jewellery are the experts in engagement rings, we will help you choose the perfect piece either before you propose or when you come in together, more in love than ever.

Do you need some proposal advice? Ask us any question in the comments box below! 👇👇👇

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