5 Wonderful Halo Engagement Rings

November 10, 2013 / Engagement Rings, Jewellery Buying Guide


When shopping for an engagement ring and you hear the term ‘halo’, it is referring to the small diamonds that are set to frame or create a border around a centre stone. 
Halo Engagement Rings are glamorous, sophisticated and demand attention. They are a classic choice, which have stood the test of time. 
This style of engagement ring has been popular for years. A ‘Halo Engagement Ring’ resembles the style of rings that became popular during the Art Deco movement, in the 1920s. Their popularity is as strong as ever today as it was back then. You only have to look at the famous hands in Hollywood to see just how popular and timeless this style of ring is. 
A halo of diamonds should enhance your centre stone, bringing that extra sparkle that your heart desires. Your jeweller can design your halo engagement ring so that it sets off your centre diamond and frames it perfectly without overpowering or distracting from what is meant to be the star of the show!  Depending on the style you are after, the diamonds in your Halo maybe grain set and framed with a delicate mill grain edge to create that lovely vintage look. Or it may have multiple rows of diamonds pave set around it. The options are endless. You can create a halo not only around a round brilliant diamond; but princess cut, cushion cut or emerald cut halos are all wonderful options. They create that perfect border for not only diamonds but are a wonderful way to set off your colour precious gemstone.
Whatever you choose, you are sure to win the heart of your loved one!
Here are just 5 Halo Engagement Rings made by Larsen Jewellery:
The ‘Aphrodite’ featuring a 1.00 carat Ceylon sapphire surrounded by 49 x 1/2pt round brilliant diamonds set into the halo and 16 x 2pt round brilliant diamonds set into the band.
The ‘Emerald Serenity’ featuring a 1.00 carat emerald cut diamond and a total of 34 round brilliant diamonds set into the halo and band.
The ‘Peony’ enagement ring featuring a 1.10 carat oval cut diamond and 18 beautiful 1pt sapphires set ino the halo.
The ‘Evening Star’ featuring a 0.70 carat princess cut diamond and surrounded by 16 x 3/4pt round brilliant diamonds and 8 x 1/2pt round brilliant diamonds set into the shoulders.
The ‘Serentiy Cognac’ featuring a beautiful 1.05 carat cushion cut cognac diamond and a total of 32 x 1pt round brilliant diamonds set into the halo and shoulders.


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