6 Pear Shaped Diamond Rings to Fall in Love With

by Sara Gibson
February 28, 2017 / Celebrity,Engagement Rings

Pear shaped diamonds have made a comeback in recent years, particularly with the likes of celebrities of the moment, Katherine Heigl and now recently married Margot Robbie, both adorned with exquisite pear shaped diamond engagement rings.

The pear shaped is one that is sometimes forgotten but, there are many reasons why it shouldn’t. The pear shaped diamond consists of the best parts of the round brilliant diamond at its bottom end and the marquise at the pointed end, creating a beautifully elegant and brilliant shape.

The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing a pear-shaped diamond is the cut. A pear-shaped diamond that has been poorly cut will exhibit what is known as a “bow-tie” effect, which creates a dark area in the centre taking away from the overall brilliance.

Like other fancy cut diamonds, the Pear shaped diamond is a great choice for those that are after a large sparkling diamond. Round brilliant diamonds are the most popular and demand a premium, but shapes like the Pear shaped diamond usually mean you get more dazzle for your dollar.

Pear shaped diamonds come in different variations, from short and wide and narrow and elongated. As long as the symmetry is very good to excellent, it is really all about personal taste!

Let’s take a look at six stunning Pear shaped rings that might have you rethinking your diamond choice!


‘Pear Pave’



Katherine Heigl 


‘Rosetta Pear’



The ‘Azure’

Margot Robbie



The ‘Ivy’





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