7 Unique Engagement Rings Made by Us

September 7, 2018 / Engagement Rings

We love the classics at Larsen Jewellery, but we can’t go past the opportunity to create something a little left of centre, something unique. We have had the great fortune of working with many beautiful couples who have the vision to create an engagement ring that is individual and unique to them.

Whether incorporating colour, interesting shaped gemstones or drawing on vintage designs, there are endless ways to design a truly special piece. If colour is what you love, we are lucky to work with the industries best gemstone suppliers. We will work tirelessly to source and present you a range of gemstones for you to choose from.

If you have a clear vision we can help you bring that to life, refining it along the way to ensure it is fluid and resolved. If you know you want something different but you are lost for ideas (or have too many) then our expert jewellers will work with you from concept right through to the end result. We will ensure that the end result is perfectly suited to both your style and lifestyle.

To help you on your journey of inspiration, here are some of our most favourite and unique designs from recent times:

The Pear Pave

Peachy Gems with Rose Gold

Black Gemstones and Unique Halos

Contemporary Engagement and Wedding Ring Set

The ‘Eye’ 

The ‘Bliss’- a marriage between modern and vintage styles

Inspired by Art Deco

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