8 Steps to Choosing the Perfect Wedding Ring!

May 7, 2014 / Jewellery Buying Guide, Wedding Rings

Organising a wedding is a huge task with a LONG list of things to do! One of those things, arguably one of the most sentimental and important things, is your wedding rings! Choosing your wedding rings can easily make its way slowly down the list and be left until the last minute. But remember that your wedding rings, along with photos, are the only tangible things that you will carry with you for the rest of your life.
In order to make the task of choosing your perfect wedding ring pain free we have put together a helpful 8-step guide:
Step 1:
Choose your Style:
The first thing you need to decide on is the style of wedding ring you are after. Do you want your wedding ring to match your engagement ring? Finalising your wedding ring should be relatively straightforward if so. If you do not have an engagement ring, or you are after a wedding ring that does not necessarily match your engagement ring, then you need to choose your style. Do you like classic gold bands? Vintage styles with diamonds, engraving and other fine details? Or do you prefer a modern, slick design? Browse the internet and magazines for inspiration and make sure you try on a few different styles to be certain.
Step 2:
Choose Your Metal:
If you have an engagement ring then your choice of metal should be fairly simple. Most people match the metal of their engagement ring or perhaps choose a contrasting metal colour in the same carat. For example you may have an 18ct white gold engagement ring and an 18ct rose gold wedding ring. If you have a platinum engagement ring it is always suggested to choose a platinum wedding ring. Due to the different hardness of the two metals, platinum being more durable than gold, the white gold would wear away quicker. 
Step 3:
Choose Your Shape:
When you hear someone talking about what shaped of wedding ring you would like they are referring to the profile. Do you prefer a rounded band? Or a wedding ring with a high dome or a low dome profile? Or perhaps you prefer a flat, square shaped ring? Your jeweller can show you examples of all the different profiles to help make this important decision.
Step 4:
Choose Your Width:
Do you love delicate, fine jewellery or do you love bold and chunky pieces? If you are matching your wedding ring to your engagement ring, then this is an easy decision; you will most likely have decided to match the widths and thicknesses. But just remember, there are no rules as to how wide or thick your ring should be, it is completely up to you!
Step 5:
Do you want Diamonds or Gemstones?
This is a personal choice and is certainly not a must! If you have diamonds or gemstones in your engagement ring you may choose to match these in your wedding ring. Or perhaps you may choose contrasting gemstones or diamonds. If you are including diamonds or gemstones you need to choose your style of setting. 
Step 6:
Choose the Finish of Your Ring?
There are many ways you can use different surface finishes to create different looks. You can add texture with a lovely matte, sandblasted or hammered finish, or you may prefer a classic high-polished finish. To create a beautiful vintage look you might include hand engraved patterns or millgrain details. 
Step 7:
Choose an Engraved Message for the Inside of the Ring:
This is not a must, but including an engraved message into your ring is a beautiful way to make your ring that much more sentimental. Popular choices are your names and the date of your marriage or a secret love message. If you can’t think of a message now, you can always have a message engraved later on down the track!
Step 8:
Have your Finger Sized:
Last and certainly not least: don’t forget to have your finger sized correctly!

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