Affordable Engagement Rings

by Lars Larsen
March 21, 2015 / Engagement Rings,Jewellery Buying Guide

Engagement rings don’t have to break the bank, equal a deposit for a house or the cost of a new car. There are suggestions of how much one should spend, once upon a time it was one month’s salary, then it climbed to two months and now there are whispers that perhaps it might be three months. In other words there does not seem to be a cap on how much one should spend. 
An engagement ring should be about what it represents, the thought and energy that has gone into choosing the perfect ring and not about it’s dollar value. 
If you believe that in order to afford a truly beautiful engagement ring it needs to have a five-digit value or more, then we can happily tell you that this is wrong. It is very possible to design a beautiful engagement ring for any budget and that is one reason why opting for a custom made ring. Custom making means that your jeweller can help you design a ring and choose the perfect diamond or gemstone to fit your budget. 
Here are 5 styles you may consider if you are on the hunt for an affordable engagement ring:
The Solitaire Engagement Ring
Classic and timeless it is hard to go wrong with a solitaire engagement ring. Choose the traditional Round Brilliant or choose an alternative shaped diamond such as Princess, Cushion or Asscher. The ‘Elegance’, ‘Modern Brilliant’ and ‘Eclipse’ are just three of our popular solitaire styles.
Coloured Gemstone Engagement Rings
Coloured gemstone engagement rings are beautiful and can also be a great way to save a few dollars. Coloured gemstones are generally more affordable, meaning a larger stone may be possible for your budget. Consider Spinel or even black Sapphires for a dramatic look. 
Engagement Ring with Side-Stones
Add a few accent diamonds into the shoulder of your engagement ring to compliment your centre stone. This is a great way of adding some extra sparkle if you have a smaller diamond. The ‘Amore’ and ‘Encore’ are two of our popular side-stone engagement rings.
Fancy Shaped Diamonds
Fancy shaped diamonds are a great way of creating a unique style engagement ring. The plus side being that they are also the more affordable option to the popular Round Brilliant diamond.  Round Brilliant diamonds demand a premium because of their popularity and also the wastage when cutting.
Add Design Details
Engagement rings don’t have to be covered in sparkling diamonds. If you can’t afford a larger stone and lots of small diamonds but still want more detail to fill the metal surface of your ring, then by including hand engraving can be a beautiful way to add finer design details.

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