April Birthstone: Diamond


April is upon us and for those that are born in April you have been blessed with perhaps the most enviable birthstone of all, the diamond. For those whose partner is born in April, you should never feel stumped when searching for that perfect gift. A diamond should never disappoint. So why not shower your loved one with diamonds for her birthday; this year, next year and forever more. No matter what your budget is you can find a diamond to fit. Whether it is a simple gold ring with a tiny diamond included into the design, a pair of diamond stud earrings or a show stopping dazzler to catch any passing eye.

Like all other birthstones, there are metaphysical qualities linked to a diamond. When worn, a diamond is believed to promote clarity, balance and abundance, assisting in healthy relationships and symbolising eternal love. In Ancient Greek mythology it is believed that diamonds have magical powers and represent the flame of everlasting love. The idea of wearing an engagement ring on your left hand comes from Ancient Egyptian mythology that the vein of love ‘vena amoris’ runs directly from the third finger to the heart.

The other wonderful thing about diamonds is the amazing array of colours available. There is no rule book saying that you must purchase a colourless, white diamond. If your partner loves coloured gemstones, then she will love coloured diamonds. Available in a range of colours from the rarest of pinks and beautiful blues to the more affordable yellows, champagnes, and cognacs. With coloured diamonds your options are endless. No two pieces of jewellery will ever be the same.

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