by Lars Larsen
February 1, 2011 / Coloured Gemstones,Engagement Rings

Aquamarine jewellery and engagement rings are becoming increasingly popular.  Below are a few facts about the gemstone that you might find of interest.  Larsen Jewellery can show you a range of loose gemstones to choose from, including Aquamarine, and specialises in custom made fine jewellery.  Click here to view a range of our engagement ring designs.

Aquamarine is the traditional birthstone for March and the name is derived from Latin which translates to ‘sea water’.  This describes the natural colour of aquamarine well as most untreated material will be blue/green.  Before the 1900’s this was the preferred colour, however, today it is the more ‘pure’ blue tones that are desired.  This is achieved through routine heat treatment that drives out the green tones and leaves the stable pure blues we know it to be today.

Aquamarines are available from small calibrated sizes through to large (10ct+) stones in an array of cuts and varying qualities that will fit most budgets.  In general, the more intense the blue – the more valuable the stone, therefore a large untreated intense blue aquamarine will command a much higher price than a heat treated pale aquamarine of the same size.

The most important county of aquamarine production (for both volume and quality) is Brazil while other important producing countries include China, Madagascar, Mozambique, Ukraine, Nigeria, Pakistan and Zambia.

Larsen Jewellery is based in Sydney and Melbourne.  Please come in for an obligation-free appointment with one of our friendly jewellers.

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