Aquamarine Engagement Rings

May 11, 2010 / Coloured Gemstones, Engagement Rings

Acquamarine engagement rings have become increasingly popular in recent years.  Larsen Jewellery sells loose aquamarines and specialises in custom made engagement rings.  Click here to view a range of engagement ring designs.

The word aquamarine is Latin for seawater.  Aquamarine’s association with the sea comes from the brilliant range of hues in which it appears – from an almost transparent blue to a deep ocean azure.

Its blue colour comes predominantly from iron and, when cut, the stone is generally clear of inclusions and can occur in large sizes.  This is because aquamarine is generally found in large crystals with a flawless clarity from which large stones can be cut.

Acquamarine needs to be of considerable size to ensure a blue colour with small stones generally not exhibiting colour visible enough to be attractive.  The deeper the blue colour, the more valuable the acquamarine.

While aquamarine is found in numerous locations, Madagascar was one of the earliest known sources.  Brazil is now the major source of the stone.
Historically, this modern birthstone for March was the stone of the sea goddesses, often carried by sailors and fishermen as a protective trinket.  The anniversary gemstone for the 19th year of marriage, it also is recognised for helping renew relationships and ensure a long and happy future for couples.

This gem is a favourite of modern designers due to its versatility and the range of shapes and sizes that are readily available.  Traditionally available in emerald cuts, other cuts such as oval, cushion and princess have recently become equally popular.

Aesthetically, the selling point of the acquamarine is that it can look stunning set in either white gold or platinum.  Although not as popular, yellow gold can also be used.  Aquamarine can make dainty and elegant jewellery pieces by themselves, or beautifully compliment a diamond setting.

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