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Celtic Wedding Rings

Incorporating Celtic design into your wedding jewellery provides a lovely, distinctive look and feel. Celtic wedding jewellery is not reserved only for those with Celtic ancestry and can be enjoyed by anyone who appreciates the history and meaning.Ce

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Men’s Wedding Rings

The team at Larsen Jewellery understand that the process of choosing a wedding ring can be quite daunting for some men, particularly those who have never worn finger jewellery before.To make the decision process easier we have created a large range o

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History of the Wedding Ring

Wedding rings, being circular in shape, symbolise eternal love.The earliest recorded exchange of wedding rings was in Ancient Egypt. In early times, they used strong plant material such as papyrus and reeds. The plants were shredded into thread-like

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9ct Gold vs. 18ct Gold

The talented team of Jewellers at Larsen Jewellery can bring your dream wedding ring to fruition.When deciding on which metal to use, the important question arises of whether to use either 9ct or 18ct gold. Both options are viable, although we highly

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