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Create Your Own Gemstone Ring

Discovering the magic of coloured gemstones is like a child discovering a candy store. You quickly realise that you have entered a whole new world where gemstone varieties are plentiful. For those that are in the market for an engagement ring but aren’t partial to diamonds,

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Design Your Own Beautiful Birthstone Ring

When you are stuck for gift ideas, one of the most beautiful and sentimental gifts you can give is a beautiful piece of birthstone jewellery. Each month has a respective birthstone and every gemstone holds special energetic qualities; many promote good health, prosperous lives, balance and positive energy.

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Royal Sapphire Inspired Engagement Rings

There is no doubt that one of or the most famous engagement rings is the Royal heirloom Sapphire ring worn, now, by Princess Kate, previously worn by Princess Diana. This famous Sapphire ring has inspired ladies and gents across the world to recreate their own piece of royalty

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