Australian Sapphire

March 19, 2011 / Wedding Rings

When the term ‘sapphire’ is used by itself, it is assumed that it is referring to the blue variety of sapphire. All other colours of sapphire are denoted by their colour first e.g. ‘green sapphire’. More specifically in the Australian gemstone and jewellery trade, the name ‘sapphire’ refers to Australian type blue sapphire as it is the most commonly used. Sapphire mining in Australia began in the late 1800’s at Anakie in Central Queensland. Since then, mining centred at Anakie has spread to the surrounding sapphire-bearing fields of Rubyvale, Sapphire and The Willows with the whole area collectively known as the Central Queensland Gemfields. These gemfields are considered to be one of the richest deposits of sapphire in terms of volume in the world. While Queensland is renowned for its high production, the sapphire bearing region of northern New South Wales (known as New England), is known for the highest quality. Some of the important sapphire mining areas of the New England sapphire fields include Glen Innes, Inverell, Reddestone Creek and Kings Plains. While Australian sapphire is well known for its darker royal blue tones, other types are yellows, greens, parti-coloureds and star stones.

Give us a call if you would like to come in and have a look at a range of Australian sapphires.  We specialise in custom made engagement and wedding rings in Melbourne and Sydney.  At Larsen Jewellery you deal directly with one of our expert jewellers who can show you a range of sapphires to choose from and can advice you about the design options for your piece of jewellery.

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