Birthstone of June: Pearl

by Lars Larsen
June 22, 2014 / Bridal & Dress Jewellery,Jewellery Buying Guide

Do you have a birthday in June or is it your loved one’s birthday? If so, you have no excuse for feeling stuck for gift ideas! Unlike other months, those that are born in June are lucky to have three different birthstones: Pearl, Alexandrite and Moonstone.
The most popular out of the three, would have to be the Pearl. A beautiful choice, what girl would not love to receive a stunning piece of Pearl Jewellery?
Pearls, interestingly, were one of the first gemstones to be used in jewellery and adornments by various cultures around the world.  Why were they one of the first? The answer is simply that they were much easier to find and they are relative easy to prepare for jewellery purposes in comparison to other gemstones. The beautiful, desirable luster of a pearl does not require cutting or polishing like most other gems.
Pearls are the only gemstone found in a living sea creature. They are formed naturally by oysters and in the 1900s in Asia it was discovered that Pearls could be cultivated by inserting a nucleus into a living oyster. Over time the oyster would coat the nucleus with layers of ‘Nacre’ and a Pearl would be formed in the exact same way a naturally occurring pearl is formed. Nowadays, the farming of cultured Pearls is one of the largest parts of the jewellery industry, especially in Australia and throughout Asia. 
Like all gemstones, Pearls are also believed to have metaphysical powers.  In Ancient Chinese culture it is believed that when wearing pearls you will be protected from fire and dragons. Other cultures wore pearls as mourning jewellery as they represented small tears.
No matter what your partner’s style is, there is a pearl to suit everyone, whether it is naturally occurring or cultured, a beautiful freshwater saltwater or a stunning dark Tahitian pearl. Available in a range of colours and with each one being completely unique, Pearls truly make a perfect gift for your loved one. Whether it is a simple pearl ring, a pendant, earrings or an extravagant piece featuring a pearl your creative options are endless and you will be sure to make your loved one happy!
What should you consider before purchasing pearl jewellery?
Firstly consider your girlfriend’s style; what colour jewellery does she love to wear? Does she love feminine and pretty coloured things? Or does she like dark, clean, strong contemporary pieces?
Is a pearl suitable for an engagement ring? Pearls are relatively soft, so they are not an ideal choice for a ring that is going to be worn everyday. Pearls make a great choice for occasional rings or dress rings. 
What types of jewellery does your partner wear? Pendants, rings or earrings? 
Are pearls easy to look after? Yes! To keep the beautiful luster of your pearls, avoid any contact with harsh chemicals or cosmetics. Make sure your pearls are the last item that you put on and the first item you take off. Washing with mineral or distilled water and polishing with a soft cloth is the best way to clean pearls.

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