by Lars Larsen
November 5, 2012 / Bridal & Dress Jewellery,Men’s Jewellery

Cufflinks evolved in the 1700s when men began wearing metal buttons that were connected with a chain to hold their cuffs together. Prior to this men would tie their cuffs with string or ribbon. As the designs of cufflinks evolved they became a popular accessory amongst the wealthy, especially royalty. They were worn mainly for special ceremonies.

As time has passed, cufflinks have become a staple for the gentlemen’s wardrobe. Throughout the different periods of art and design, different metals have been experimented with; from enamel during the Art Nouveau period, the use of gemstones was common amongst Royalty as early as the 1700 & 1800s and different metals.

At Larsen Jewellery, we carry a small gift range of men’s cufflinks in titanium, stainless steel and silver. Also, being a jewellery workshop we can custom make your own design in your choice of metal. Proving to be popular for grooms on their wedding day are personalised cufflinks that are hand engraved with their initials.

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