Brilliant Cut Diamond Shape & Style

December 6, 2010 / Diamond Education, Engagement Rings

Round cut engagement ring

Round cut engagement ring

The modern round Brilliant Cut diamond has 57 facets, or 58 facets with an open cutlet, arranged in the classic, 8-fold brilliant style.

The upper part of the diamond is called the CROWN and has 33 facets, including the table.  The lower part is called the PAVILION and has 24 facets, or 25 facets with an open cutlet.

The TABLE is the uppermost and largest of the crown facets and acts as the principal window for light entering and reflecting back from a diamond.  Virtually all of the light returned through the table is made up of white light or brilliance.

The BEZEL is the sloping part of the crown, between the table and the girdle.  It comprises 8 main crown or bezel facets, 8 star facets and 16 upper girdle facets.  These facets work together to both reflect and refract light, returning a combination of brilliance and fire.

The GIRDLE is the narrow section, between the crown and pavilion, the outline of which describes the ‘face-up’ shape of the diamond and acts as the setting edge.  The girdle may either be frosted (bruted), polished smooth or polished with facets.

The PAVILION comprises 8 main pavilion facets and 16 lower girdle facets, all of which are designed to act as internal mirrors to reflect light entering through the crown facets and return it back through the crown.

The CULET is the lowest point at the base of the pavilion.  Often a small facet is added here in order to prevent damage. In this case the term ‘open culet’ is used.  When there is no facet, the terms ‘closed culet’, ‘pointed culet’ or simply ‘none’ are used.

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