Can Men Wear Engagement Rings?

by Lars Larsen
November 19, 2015 / Engagement Rings

Traditionally, it is the man that gets down on one knee and asks his one and only for his hand in marriage. But with time, traditions change, some go out the window and some just adapt to the times. So when the question of whether men can wear engagement rings is raised, our answer is simply… Why not? 

In a world where equal rights is at the forefront of conversation, this conversation enters every facet of life. And one of those facets is the most personal and most important to us all and that is marriage. With equal marriage rights slowly being addressed and becoming the norm across the world, this of course has seen an exciting overspill effect on the wedding industry. And one of those is the tradition of the engagement ring. It is now no longer exclusive to women.

Not only are we seeing the rise in men coming in to design a ring for their we are also seeing women who have decided to not conform to society’s dated traditions and wait for the partner to ask for their hand in marriage same sex partner, but take the ball in their court and catch their man off guard and propose when they least expect it. It is not only us who have found this trend taking off, back in 2012 The Knot and Men’s Health undertook a survey that found 17% of men wound not be opposed to sporting an engagement ring or some ‘premarital bling’ as they described. This is not only happening in main stream society, in Hollywood it has been happening for sometime as well.

Jennifer Hudson asked David Otunga for his marriage, just as Pink asked Carey Hart and, although short lived, Halle Berry proposed to David Justice some years back now. At Larsen Jewellery we endorse love in what ever form it comes in… So if you have found that one, and you are ready to propose no matter what your sex, we say go for it!

Halle Berry & David Justice

Jennifer Hudson & David Otunga

Pink & Carey Hart

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