How you can save on an engagement ring

by Sara Gibson
December 23, 2017 / Jewellery Buying Guide

Engagement rings no longer need to cost you three months’ salary. The amount you spend, whether it be more or less, is up to you and what you feel comfortable with. If money is a factor, as it is for most, then there are ways to save on your engagement ring without compromising on the design altogether.

To help you choose a beautiful ring without sacrificing the quality or breaking the budget, we have put together a few helpful ways to cut the cost of your engagement ring. By choosing one or more of these options, you can use your savings for the next stage of your life together.

1. Go for Colour

Coloured gemstones are rising in popularity, not only for the vibrancy, uniqueness and beauty they offer but also their price tag. Coloured gemstones are a great alternative to the traditional white diamond and are usually more affordable than a diamond of the equivalent size. If you love colourless stones then you may even consider a colourless white sapphire. By choosing a white sapphire, it is likely that you’ll be able to afford a larger stone for your budget.

2. Consider the Shape


The shape of the diamond you choose plays a big part in the final price of the stone. Round brilliant diamonds are the most popular, as a result they are the most expensive cut. They are also priced higher as more of the rough diamond lost in the cutting process. If you have your heart set on a larger diamond then consider fancy cut shapes such as princess, ovals, pear or marquise cuts.

3. Choose Gold

If you are a lover of white metals then your best options are platinum and white gold. Platinum is considered the superior of the two renowned for its purity and density. It also more expensive than white gold and often the ring will last just as long in either metal. Chat to your jeweller about the requirements of your specific design, you may find white gold is the better choice which instantly drops the price of your engagement ring.

4. Forgo the centre stone

Who said that you must have a centre stone? There are many ways to create a stunning, unique ring without a centre stone. The centre stone is also often the most expensive part of the ring so by designing a ring without one, you will not only be saving $$$ but also opening the door to something truly unique.

5. Love Bling? Opt for a Halo

Halos are a popular choice, and rightly so for a couple of reasons. Adding a halo to your design is a great way to create extra sparkle without it breaking the bank, they also offer a solution for those wanting a ring with a large centre stone but cannot afford to achieve this with one, very large diamond. A halo of diamonds forms the illusion of a larger centre stone, enhancing the centre stone making it appear bigger and extra sparkly!

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