Classic Wedding Rings

August 4, 2014 / Jewellery Buying Guide, Wedding Rings

Wedding rings options can seem endless. For some it might be an easy choice. Perhaps your fiancé has planned ahead and had your jeweller design your wedding ring at the same time as your engagement ring. Maybe your style of engagement ring already lends itself to a particular style of fitted wedding ring. 
There are many wonderful design options; from diamond encrusted rings, to sophisticated contemporary styles and pretty feminine designs. Whether bride or groom, if you are unsure of the style you are after, then a classic wedding ring should not be overlooked. 
Classic wedding rings may not be considered as one of the fancier options. It is their simplicity that can, however, be so beautiful and desirable. Classic wedding rings are the traditional choice and represent eternal love. It is this symbolic meaning that is the most important element… not how many diamonds you have compared to the next!
If you are choosing a classic wedding ring because you believe it is the easiest choice don’t be mistaken. Even classic wedding rings have multiple design options to choose from!
Firstly, you need to decide which colour metal you want. For a traditional look you might choose a yellow gold band. Rose gold could be considered for a vintage look and it’s unique hue. If you love the popular modern look of white metal then you have a couple of different metals to choose from.
Secondly, you need to decide which carat of metal. In Australia, the two standards of gold used are 9ct and 18ct. If you have opted for a white metal ring then you also have the choice of platinum. This will often come down to personal preference and budget.
Thirdly, how wide do you want your ring. If you have an engagement ring this may dictate the width of your wedding ring. If not, then the most popular choice for women is approximately 2mm – 4mm wide and for men 3mm – 6mm wide. Remember, this is a ring you will wear everyday for the rest of your life, you may want to consider this carefully before choosing a substantially wide ring. 
And last but not least, your design options. You may want to add a small design element to your ring to give it a touch more of you. Many couples add a short engraved message into the inside of their ring. Some love the look of a classic wedding ring with millgrained edges. 
When it comes to choosing your wedding ring the choice is a personal one and is a representation of the love you share. A classic ring is a wonderful, timeless choice that will suit everyday wear and will easily match other jewellery and styles.

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