Classics – The Engagement Ring That Will Never Go Out In Style

January 22, 2015 / Engagement Rings, Jewellery Buying Guide

Every year new trends are made and old trends fade, but there are always those classics that are here to stay – year, after year, after year. 
When it comes to engagement rings the Solitaire engagement ring is that classic choice that was here to stay from the beginning. Solitaire diamond engagement rings epitomise elegance and style. If you are after a “safe choice” or a ring that is timeless and will stand the test of time then you truly cannot go past a solitaire engagement ring. The added bonus of these beautiful rings is that they are versatile and will go with about any outfit – making them perfect for the fashion-forward woman.
The most popular solitaire engagement ring is the round brilliant diamond solitaire in a 6 claw setting. However, this is not the only option; there are many shaped diamonds that look exquisite when set on their own. Some of our favourites are the Asscher cut, Emerald cut, Princess cut, Pear Cut, Marquise or Oval cut diamonds. Claw settings are also not the only choice, if you are after a more secure setting for your diamond to protect it against exposure to everyday knocks you may consider a bezel setting. 
Some of the most fashionable and beautiful celebrities have also opted for this classic and elegant style for their engagement ring. A few of our favourites are Elle McPherson’s stunning solitaire Emerald cut engagement ring, another super-model Brooklyn Decker wears a classic round brilliant diamond engagement ring given to her by tennis star Andy Roddick and Hollywood star Ali Carter wears a beautiful 5-carat princess cut diamond solitaire engagement ring.
At Larsen Jewellery one of our jewellers can carefully design an exquisite solitaire engagement ring featuring a diamond or gemstone that has been carefully chosen by you with the guidance of one of our diamond experts.  
If classic and timeless in style sounds like you, then scroll down to view some of our favourite solitaire engagement ring creations to help inspire you:
The Classic 6-Claw Solitaire ‘The Elegance’
The Pear Shaped Solitaire ‘The ivy’
The Marquise Shaped Solitaire
The Asscher Shaped Solitaire ‘The Tzarina’

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