How To Care For and Clean Your Jewellery

Creating an easy-care routine for your precious jewellery will make sure that it continues to look beautiful and sparkle. Here are a few helpful tips from the Larsen team of jewellers:

Yearly check-ups. Jewellery, like many other significant purchases, requires service for maintenance. It’s a good idea to take your treasured pieces to your jeweller so that they can check that your diamonds and other gemstones are still nice and secure. They can polish out any minor scratches or dints and re-rhodium plate white gold pieces. This is an annual service that Larsen Jewellery offers free of charge with most custom jewellery purchases.

Care at home

Try to get into the habit of taking a little extra care when at home. For example, make a habit of removing your engagement ring when washing the dishes. A good idea is to keep a small dish beside the sink to place your ring in. You can also clean your ring at home, watch this video to see how.


If you remove your jewellery for work, at the gym or for any other reasons make sure you have a safe spot to place your jewellery. It is important to always store your jewellery separately to avoid any unwanted scratches.
Clean your jewellery at home

A safe and easy way to keep your jewellery clean is to wash your jewellery with a soft toothbrush in warm, soapy water. Gently clean under the stone to remove any dirt or grit.

How To Care For Your Engagement Ring

beautiful engagement and wedding rings

Your engagement ring is a once in a lifetime gift and the most special piece of jewellery you will ever receive. For this reason alone, it is understandable that you should adopt a little TLC to make sure your ring lasts the distance.

As soon as you receive your ring, you should begin an easy routine of care. This doesn’t need to be time-consuming but we suggest you take on a few simple things at home to make sure your ring is always looking beautiful.

Choose a Spot

From the very beginning, find a safe spot to put your rings when washing up or in the bathroom. Usually, a small dish by the sink does the job.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Your skin doesn’t like harsh chemicals and neither does your ring. When cleaning or doing the dishes get into the routine of taking your rings off.

The Gym is Not Your Ring’s Friend

You wouldn’t wear your best outfit to the gym so consider the same for your ring. If you are a weights or boxing girl save your ring by having a safe place you keep it while you work out.

Consider A Faux Ring

Engagement rings can cost a small fortune and have an even greater sentimental value. You may want to consider a faux ring for times such as when travelling to places where the theft risk is high.

Yearly Check-ups

Make sure the jeweller who makes your jewellery offers a good after service. At Larsen Jewellery we offer a complimentary annual check-up including a polish and plate for the lifetime of your ring.

How To Clean Different Gemstones and Metals

coloured stone rings

At-Home Cleaning

It is common to find a build of dirt under the centre stone of your ring. To keep your ring looking sparkly, gently scrub your ring with warm soapy water using an old toothbrush. Focus under and around the centre stone to remove any unwanted grime.

Your engagement ring is undoubtedly the most precious and sentimental piece of jewellery that you own. Not to mention one of the most expensive pieces as well. So that you can continue to look at your engagement ring for the rest of your life, it is important to take extra care to assist in the longevity of your ring.

How To Care For Your Sapphire Jewellery

Sapphire jewellery, like any other fine jewellery, requires regular upkeep and maintenance. This will keep it looking as beautiful as when you purchased it. If you have a Sapphire engagement ring it is a good idea to adopt a simple cleaning routine from the start.


How to clean your Sapphire at home

Cleaning your Sapphires at home is very straight forward. All you need to do is gently scrub your ring with an old toothbrush and warm, soapy water. Make sure you poke the brush under the stone to remove any dirt or dust that hides in the setting. Always avoid harsh chemicals, moisturisers or abrasives as they may leave a residue or scratch your ring. Polish with a soft cloth and you’ll be amazed at how beautiful and clean your Sapphire ring is.

Extra Tips to Keep your Sapphire Engagement Ring Looking BEAUTIFUL!

As with all fine jewellery, always take your rings off when doing the washing up. A good idea is to place a small dish near the sink where you place your rings.

Avoid exposing your Sapphire engagement ring to harsh knocks and bumps. Wearing your ring whilst doing weights at the gym is definitely not the best idea! It is a good idea to have a safe place to store your sapphire jewellery while at the gym, doing the gardening or any other hands-on activity.

For a deeper clean, contact your jeweller and arrange to drop your ring off for an ultrasonic clean. This often only takes a couple of minutes and a good jeweller should welcome you to do so.

Annual check-ups!

Whether you have a Diamond or a Sapphire engagement ring it is important to have your ring checked by your jeweller. They will ensure your stone is sitting nice and secure, remove any unwanted scratches or marks and rhodium plate if required. We suggest booking your ring in for a check every 12 – 18 months depending on how you wear your ring. Make sure you check if this is a service that is included by your jeweller.

6 Places Where You Should Never Wear Your Engagement Ring

Upon receiving an engagement ring, it is unimaginable to think about taking it off, even for a few minutes. But it is our regretful duty to inform you that there are some occasions when your ring is better off than on.

Your engagement ring is made to last a lifetime or longer but to ensure that it does, it requires extra love and care from its owner. We have put together a list of six places where you should remove your ring and put it somewhere safe.

dont wear rings to the gym

The Gym

The gym, particularly any exercise involving weights, heavy lifting and boxing gloves, is a big no go for your diamond ring. By wearing your ring, you are putting it at great risk of unnecessary knocks and bumps. These could result in scratches or the stone loosening in its setting.

The Shower

It’s easy to jump in the shower with your engagement ring on but there is a risk of it falling down the drain when all lathered up. Not to mention the potential damage that could be caused by exfoliating body washes and face scrubs.

Washing up

Doing the dishes is no safe place for an engagement ring. Firstly, like showering, your ring can accidentally end up down the drain. Secondly, handling heavy pots and metal cutlery can leave dents or abrasions on your ring and present a risk to gemstones too.


Unless you are aiming for the worlds dirtiest engagement ring, keep your engagement ring clear of the weeds and dirt. Gardening exposes your ring to knocks and bumps and also to get stubborn dirt under the setting and other tough-to-clean places.


This should be obvious, but it is amazing how many women will still clean the house with their engagement ring on. Harsh chemicals are a big no-no for your engagement ring. They will affect the appearance of your ring making it look lifeless and could even discolour the metal. Also, when aggressively scrubbing, it is quite likely that your ring will be subjected to bumps against hard surfaces.


Whether it be a pool, spa or beach, it is a terrible idea to wear your ring whilst swimming. In a pool or spa, you will not only be exposing your ring to harsh chemicals and chlorine, but you are also putting your ring at a greater risk of falling off. You might be lucky to locate it in a swimming pool or spa, but the beach and ocean are other stories. Sadly, few people realise how much your finger shrinks in cold water and how easily your ring can slip off without you feeling a thing.

Jewellery Insurance

jewellery insurance folder

Buying a piece of valuable jewellery, such as your engagement ring, is an investment. It is a treasured item that holds both monetary and sentimental value. For this reason, it is so important to look after and protect your jewellery just like you would with any other investment such as a car or house.

Remembering its value and the importance will help you from treating it like you would with a lower value piece of jewellery or clothing. If you’re wary of falling into the habit of forgetting that you have it on, here are a few good habits to adopt from the beginning:

Have a safe spot where you place your jewellery when you’re washing up, in the bathroom or cleaning with harsh chemicals. A place to put your jewellery is a great idea to avoid exposing it to risk. Avoid unwanted knocks, household chemicals or, even worse, the risk of losing your ring down a drain.

Don’t wear your ring at the gym. This is one sure-fire way to bend it out of shape and to speed up the wearing process. You’ve invested a lot of money, there is no need to go and give your ring a work-out as well. Keep a pouch in your bag that you place your ring in before stepping into the weights room.

Every year, visit your jeweller to make sure the stones are still secure and have your ring cleaned. Your jeweller may even treat your ring to a light polish to remove any fine scratches. This will keep your ring looking beautiful for many years to come.

Why Should I Insure My Jewellery?

Investing in a beautiful piece of jewellery and taking the time to make sure you look after it, means it makes sense to also insure your ring. It would be awful to lose your ring or have it stolen and then have to fork out a significant amount for a replacement. Have a chat with your jeweller and ask if they can recommend a reputable insurance company who specialise in jewellery insurance.

Your ring has both sentimental and monetary value and is not something you want to lose but it can happen. We recommend purchasing insurance for your ring for the unlikely and unfortunate situation that your ring may go missing. Check if you can add it to an existing contents policy or look at options for insuring your engagement ring as an individual item in its own policy.

You would hate for anything to happen and find yourself unable to afford to replace your engagement ring. We suggest our clients investigate reputable insurance companies that insure jewellery. You may also consider including your engagement ring in your household contents insurance.

Are you confused about how to care for or clean your ring? Please post your questions in the comments below!

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