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August 22, 2010 / Bridal & Dress Jewellery, In The Media

Make your very own wedding bands under the guidance of an experienced jeweller.

While it may be thrilling to receive an engagement ring, it is the wedding band that symbolises your pledge of eternal love.  In fact, the only way the exchange of these rings could be more heartfelt is if you had personally made them for one another.  With Larsen Jewellery, that is exactly what you can do.  In just four hours, and with a little professional help, you will have created two elegant wedding bands and one memory of a lifetime.

“We discovered Larsen Jewellery at a Sydney bridal expo and thought the idea of making one another’s bands would be really special,” says Jade, who recently attended Larsen’s studio with fiance Angelo.  “We made identical two-tone 18 carat gold rings, each with a few small diamonds and our names engraved on them.  Being able to present each other with the rings we had designed and hand made while exchanging vows was honestly the highlight of our day.”

The good news is, you don’t have to have creative skills or prior experience because – at every stage – you will be assisted by your very own expert jeweller.  Larsen Jewellery uses traditional handcrafting techniques which produce rings of the highest quality, and your jeweller will ensure the finished rings are absolutely flawless.  “People are amazed that not only can they make their own rings, but that the rings end up as perfect as if a jeweller had made them,” says Lars Larsen.

Lars and wife Susie established Larsen Jewellery in 2006 – it is the first and only company in Australia to offer this exciting experience.  The Larsens also provide beautiful custom-made jewellery, including engagement rings, through their twin business Larsen Jewellery.  So, if you and your fiance have decided to choose your engagement ring together, this is a terrific place to start.  Larsen Jewellery also sells loose diamonds at wholesale prices, making it more affordable if you want to incorporate them into your wedding band design.

When it comes to choosing the design and style of your wedding band, there is no need to limit your imagination.  Larsen Jewellery offers a wide range of designs, from plain wedding bands to more intricate designs involving diamonds, a mix of metals or engraving.  Alternatively, you can create your very own design.  Plain bands can be finished on the day while more complicated designs will need to be finished by the jeweller.  Larsen Jewellery will also ensure that your wedding band fits perfectly with any engagement ring.

Once you have settled on the design of your rings, the real “hands on” experience begins.  Together, you and your fiance melt down your chosen metal and then mill and shape the rings.  Then it is time to file, buff and polish them until they shine.  Throughout the experience, you will enjoy complimentary nibbles and beverages, including champagne to toast your success.  You’ll even receive photographs of the day and a lifetime of annual polishes to keep your wedding bands sparkling.  “We highly recommend it to anyone getting married,” says Jade.  “It’s a very bonding, sentimental, romantic and fun experience, something that you’ll cherish forever!”

Larsen Jewellery is located in Sydney’s stylish Strand Arcade and in Melbourne’s iconic GPO building.  Appointments for making your own rings can be made on Saturdays and Sundays as well as during the week.  Packages start from just $1,500 for two rings in 18 carat yellow or white gold, comparable to normal retail prices for two handcrafted rings.  If you are not based in New South Wales or Victoria, don’t despair.  Lars and Susie are planning to open similar stores in Brisbane, Canberra and Adelaide in the near future.  And if you can’t wait, you can always book in at the Sydney or Melbourne shops and turn your visit into a romantic weekend away.

Please click here for more information about wedding rings.  Alternatively, pay the team a visit on Level 5 of the Strand Arcade in Sydney or on Level 2 of Melbourne’s GPO.  There is no need to make an appointment just to browse, but if you do, you’ll be assured of having a jeweller available to talk you through designs and styles.  On the website you’ll find even more information, a gallery of gorgeous ring designs to choose from and inspiring video footage of a real life couple enjoying the Wedding Ring Experience.

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