Design Your Engagement Ring From Scratch

by Sara Gibson
April 22, 2017 / Coloured Gemstones,Engagement Rings

Designing your own engagement ring comes with no rules. You can be as imaginative as you like and your ring can be as unique as you wish for it to be. 

The first place to start when setting out on the journey of designing your own ring is gathering all your ideas together, including everything that you love and everything that you don’t. The easiest place to source your inspiration is online. We must warn you though, you may find yourself losing hours of your life getting lost in all the sparkling inspiration available. To keep track of all your favourite imagery, we suggest starting a Pinterest page; where everything can be stored in one place.

Once you have spent a considerable number of hours and have gathered a plethora of images to draw inspiration from, you will probably find yourself closer to having a clearer idea of what you love. This is the point to start taking note of which elements you love and filtering out all the images you don’t love. A list of questions to take note of include: Is there a particular shaped gemstone you love? Are you a diamond kind of girl or is there a coloured gemstone that you love? Do you have a favourite coloured metal such as white or yellow? Have you too been struck by the beauty of rose gold? Do you love a vintage style design with intricate details or are you drawn to minimal, modern design? Are you a one-stone kind of girl or do you love the look of three-stone, halos or rings featuring clusters of diamonds/gemstones?

If you have answered all of these questions, it is probably safe to say you are beginning to have a clearer picture of what you are after. Armed with all this information and a budget in mind, you are ready to visit your jeweller. Our jewellers love the opportunity to be creative and work with their clients to come up with something truly unique and representative of their individual style. The more information you have for them, the better.

Together with your jeweller, you will work to bring your dream ring to life, from choosing the perfect gemstone to designing the ring to house your gemstone perfectly. It is all the small refined details which make a ring unique to the holder; whether it is with a gentle curve, a carefully sourced small gemstone, engraved details or a small bit of texture. Sometimes it is the smallest details only noticeable to you that make a ring that much more special and unique.

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