Diamond Prices

Asking the price of a diamond is akin to asking the price of a car, it depends on many factors.

The price of a diamond is largely determined by the carat size, colour, clarity and cut of the individual stone and whether or not it has been certified. There are also certain stones that are significantly more expensive than others due to their rarity, such as pink and blue diamonds.
Every individual diamond is unique and will be priced accordingly, based on its overall quality, grading and characteristics.

A recommended way to receive more information on pricing is to contact a reputable Jeweller that specialises in the sale of loose diamonds.

Once you have viewed a selection of diamonds, you will find some elements to be more important to you than others. For example, you may prefer to have a larger diamond and step down one grade in colour, whereas others may prefer a smaller stone of higher colour grade.

It is also recommended that you choose the diamond, within your price range that catches your eye the most during a viewing. When comparing a $1,500 diamond with a $10,000 diamond, you may well find that you prefer the overall look of less-expensive stone. In other words, sometimes it’s best to choose your stone visually than to worry about what its particular specifications are. 

Another strong influence on diamond pricing is the cut grade. The cut grade represents how well the stone has been cut to reflect light and create sparkle, which is the most important contributing factor of them all. Even the highest grade of diamond will look dull if cut poorly. The highest cut grade is ‘Excellent’.

Larsen Jewellery’s talented team of diamond experts can assist you in making an educated decision when purchasing a diamond. Upon a no-obligation appointment they will show you a selection of loose diamonds to choose from, all within your price range and at competitive workshop prices.

To make an appointment please call Larsen Jewellery in Sydney on 02 9223 2006.

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