Five Stunning Rose Gold Rings

June 9, 2016

Rose gold is the precious metal of the moment and in our opinion it isn’t just a fad, we feel it’s just that it has been rediscovered again.

It is hardly surprising that so many find rose gold so irresistible, its beautiful soft pink tone complements diamonds so well and on top of that, the colour suits so many skin tones. For those with fairer skin, in particular, will be delighted at how beautiful rose gold looks with their colouring.

Rose gold is beautiful when incorporated into most designs. Traditionally many of us picture vintage pieces when we think of rose gold but it also looks fantastic in modern designs. One striking combination we are completely in love with is the combination of black diamonds set in rose gold. And for those after something more striking, consider mixing your metals, white gold and rose gold are a match made in heaven!

If you have fallen for this delightful metal, along with Blake Lively and several other celebrities, you’ll love these 5 stunning rose gold rings we have chosen to suit all tastes and styles:







The ‘Rosetta’ Brilliant


Cameron Diaz ‘snake’ rose gold and diamond engagement ring


blake lively engagement ring


Blake Lively’s rose gold and Pink oval diamond engagement ring



The ‘Delta Trio’

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