Diamond wedding rings for men!

by Lars Larsen
June 23, 2013 / Engagement Rings

Gone are the days when the only option for a gent’s wedding band was a classic yellow gold ring! There are now many options depending on your taste. From fine bands to strong masculine designs with engraved lines or other details, the choices are now simply endless!

One trend that is, becoming, increasingly popular is diamond rings for men. Diamonds might be the way to every girl’s heart, but that is not to say that diamond rings are for ladies only! 
Diamond rings reflect sheer style, elegance and prestige. Not only are they an exquisite choice, but they also offer a wonderful addition to the classic men’s wedding band. When considering adding diamonds to a custom made ring, your design options increase dramatically. Match your wedding ring to your partner’s or simply create your own unique design.
Choosing to set a diamond into your ring does not mean that your design has to be ostentatious or sparkling. Diamonds can stand out and be the life of a design or they can be discreetly set on the side or the inside of your ring where they become an understated subtle feature. Choose a classic white diamond or opt for a more masculine coloured diamond, such as black or cognac. Whatever you choose, your custom-made diamond ring will set it self-apart and stand as a distinctive piece on its own. 


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