Does Carat Size Matter?

If your main source of inspiration when looking for engagement rings is the most photographed hands in Hollywood you would be forgiven for thinking that you need a huge sparkling diamond!
This, like everything else in Hollywood, is a reality that only a tiny percentage of the world’s population can afford. The average value of diamond engagement rings is certainly not in the 100’s of 1000’s or more. In fact the average spent on a diamond engagement ring in Australia, according to the 2013 Cost of Love Survey, was $5584.
Trends across the world differ greatly at any given time. In America, perhaps because of the influence of Hollywood, engagement rings tend to be bigger compared to the average diamond size in Australia. To afford one of these larger stones, however, many have to for-go some of the sparkle. In Australia the trend is generally to opt for a high quality, smaller stone. Nothing compares to an excellent stone with sheer brilliance. If your diamond is not of a high quality it will lack the brilliance and appear dull and lifeless – in the end your diamond will not stand out.
So what size diamond is ideal? This depends on a number of factors. Before stepping into your jeweller you need to decide on your budget! This is vital. It is very easy to get carried away with all that sparkle and end up purchasing a diamond that blows your budget. Once you have decided on your budget, stick with it and the whole process should be much easier. You will instantly eliminate any options that you can’t afford. 
If you want a bold engagement ring but can’t afford the price tag of a large diamond you may consider accentuating a central diamond with smaller side diamonds. This can create the illusion of a larger diamond and give the extra sparkle you are looking for.
All in all there are no rules about the size of diamond you should have. Many desire the perfect 1.00 carat Round Brilliant Cut Diamond. It is good to be aware that because of the demand for a perfect 1.00ct you will pay a premium. If you opt for a diamond just under or over a one carat there will be a noticeable price difference.
Lastly, out of the 4C’s, the carat size is not considered the most important component. Cut is the number one factor that will determine the brilliance of your diamond. If a diamond has a poor cut then the light will potentially be misdirected affecting the overall brilliance of the diamond. At Larsen Jewellery we recommend purchasing a diamond with a ‘Good’ cut grading or above.

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