Dress Rings; The Perfect Summer Companion

October 8, 2014 / Coloured Gemstones, Jewellery Buying Guide

Now that the weather is getting warmer it’s time to think about how you can brighten up your wardrobe for the festive season! 
Delicate and extremely fine jewellery is one of the most popular trends at the moment. All you need to do is flick through the latest magazine to see how apparent this is. Fine, dainty jewellery is not for everyone, however, and does not always suit every day wear. On the other hand, the polar opposite to those beautiful fine delicate items, is big, bold and colourful dress rings. Often referred to as ‘cocktail’ rings.
Some women’s style, nature and personality will forever lend themselves more favourably to these ostentatious, sometimes, flashy numbers. For others a vibrant dress ring makes the perfect summer companion to buck the trend. 
Asking a jeweller to design and custom make a dress ring, is like music to their ears. Dress rings are a jeweller’s heaven! Bringing together technique and creativity with the use of colourful gemstones and perhaps additional diamonds is the perfect recipe for the ultimate creative expression. This is just one reason why investing in a beautiful dress ring is such a fabulous idea. With endless inspiration, you are guaranteed to end up with a unique, show-stopping ring. 
You may, however, be wondering why you would invest in a dress ring rather than opt for a less expensive option? A beautifully crafted dress ring will be made to last a lifetime, unlike cheap imitations. It is an expression of you, your style, and your personality that can be worn for a lifetime and will make a wonderful heirloom piece. A piece that can tell a story and, unlike the latest dress this season, your custom made dress ring can be worn now, in 10, 20 or 40 years time.
Here are a few of our tips on what we think makes a beautiful dress ring:
Firstly, there are NO rules! 
Secondly, the more creative, the better!
Dress rings generally feature beautiful coloured diamonds or gemstones. If you have a favourite colour make it the focal point with your choice of gemstone, or use it to accentuate a beautiful white diamond. 
Although the popular round and square cuts make a wonderful choice, there are many other interesting and less known cuts that can make for unique centre stone. Ask your jeweller to show you a range of different cuts
Be inspired by nature! Whether you love animals, flowers or plants there are wonderful patterns and forms that can be found in nature to inspire you. Perhaps have patterns engraved or carve an interesting shaped ring out of wax.
Take a step back in history! Dress rings have enjoyed periods of immense popularity throughout history, especially during the Art Deco movement.
The ultimate source of inspiration when designing a dress ring is the hands of Hollywood. Pay special attention to the red carpets! Famous jewellers from all over the world use these events as opportunities to showcase their exquisite creations to the world! 

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