Is Ed Sheeran Bringing Back the Man’s Engagement Ring?

by Sara Gibson
March 9, 2018 / Celebrity,Men’s Jewellery

Ed Sheeran, the guy whose voice has been in the background of many proposals, has broken romantic hearts across the globe and proposed himself. And while everyone is checking out what ring he chose for his lucky lady we are equally loving the fact that he is wearing an engagement ring!

Sheeran proposed to Cherry, his high school sweetheart, over the festive season presenting her with a stunning diamond engagement ring, but when he was recently spotted wearing a ring on a certain finger, the tabloids went into overdrive. At first, most assumed that the couple had secretly got married in a private ceremony, but it didn’t take long for Ed to confirm that it was, in fact, his man-gagement ring.

So, what kind of ring does a romantic like Ed Sheeran wear? Well, Cherry, his fiancée actually made it herself out of silver clay and he loves it. He also pondered why it is that more men don’t wear engagement rings saying, “I never saw why men didn’t wear engagement rings, it is the same commitment either way”.

Do we think this will start a new trend of men opting to wear an engagement ring too?

In recent years there has been a rise in the popularity of men’s engagement rings. As men become more expressive in their style, some have chosen to take the dive and believe that their other half is not the only one who deserves an engagement ring. We hope that men who like the idea of wearing jewellery continue to follow suit and don’t hold back. In saying that, we are also fairly confident that we are a long way from the day when sales of engagement rings for guys overtake ladies’ engagement rings. 

For guys who are inspired by Sheeran’s move, here is a selection of rings perfect for a gent’s engagement ring:

Mokume Rose

Ed Sheeran’s style – the classic white gold ring


Guy’s yellow gold ring with a flat top surface, contrasting textures and one small white diamond



For the guy that doesn’t shy away from a bit of bling!

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