Emerald the Enviable Birthstone of May!

by Lars Larsen
May 3, 2014 / Coloured Gemstones,Engagement Rings,Jewellery Buying Guide

If you are born in May, then you are truly lucky to have been blessed with the Emerald as your birthstone.  
Emeralds are up there with Diamonds and Rubies as the most sought after gemstones. There are many different types of green gemstones, but it is the exquisite blue-green colour of emeralds that sets the standard and is what makes people fall so in love with them. Just take a look at Halle Berry’s jaw dropping engagement ring to see why they are considered one of the most popular stones of all.
Emeralds have possessed a magical, desirable quality for thousands of years. Just look through the history books and you will see their popularity as the stone chosen by many Royals throughout the ages – Cleopatra’s love of Emeralds is particularly well recorded. It is not only the natural beauty of an Emerald that has made them so popular but, like many other gemstones, the metaphysical qualities and folklore attached to them as well. In some cultures Emeralds are believed to bring the wearer good fortune and health, representing rebirth. These beliefs are aligned with the spiritual meaning of green: fertility, new life, nature and wellbeing. During the Middle Ages it was believed that Emeralds could bring the wearer the ability to tell the future. 
The shade of an Emerald can vary greatly and many experts around the world argue over exactly which shade defines an Emerald. The blue-green to pure green Emeralds are, however, the most desirable. How does one decide if a stone is an Emerald or not? It is only a very well trained eye that can truly decide. Generally when a stone’s hue is too yellow or blue in colour it will not be considered an Emerald, but instead a the lesser valued ‘Green Beryl’. One of the Emerald’s most renowned qualities is that they can be highly included. A transparent Emerald is extremely rare and hence why they are considered the most sought after. The often included nature of an Emerald is something to consider carefully when choosing a stone for an engagement ring or other pieces that is to be worn everyday and may be exposed to knocks. 
Emeralds have been mined for thousands of years. Emeralds were first mined in Egypt, possibly as early as 330 BC and continued to be mined into the 1700s. Now days Emeralds are mined all over the world, the most prized being Colombian Emeralds, with Brazil, Zambia and Zimbabwe being the other major sources. 
Emeralds make an undeniably wonderful choice for any jewellery purchase especially if your loved one has a birthday in May! Custom designing a piece ensures you create a truly unique and individual piece. Whether it is a ring, a pair of earrings or a pendant, your jeweller will be able to help you create a beautiful piece to perfectly suit you or your special someone! 
A Few Things to Consider About Emeralds:
What should you consider when purchasing an Emerald? 
It is important to consider the use of your Emerald. If you are purchasing an Emerald for an engagement ring it is important to consider the potential fragile nature of these stones. Emeralds can be heavily included, making them more fragile to everyday knocks and bumps. Your jeweller will be able to assist you in choosing a suitable Emerald for your ring.
What are the most prized and sought after Emeralds?
Transparent Emeralds (those that are free of inclusions) and the famous Columbian Emeralds are the most desirable and therefore demand a premium. 
What are the oldest Emeralds?
Emeralds from South Africa can be as old as 2.97 billion years!
What are the world’s most famous Emeralds?
Halle Berry’s stunning Emerald and yellow gold engagement ring is one of the most famous and recent Emeralds. Elizabeth Taylor’s Emerald pendant is renowned as being one of the most expensive Emerald jewels. In 2011, Taylor’s pendant fetched an amazing $6,578,500 at auction.
There are many Royal Emerald Jewels around the world. One of the most famous and expensive being the Emerald and Diamond Tiara that belongs to the Swedish Royal Family worth $12.76 million.
Can I afford an Emerald regardless of my budget?
Whether you have a $1,000 or $100,000 to spend, it will be possible to find an Emerald to suit your budget. A tiny Emerald set into a yellow gold ring is a beautiful, classic and affordable choice.
What metal suits Emerald best?
Emeralds look just exquisite with yellow gold, making the perfect combination to create a vintage style look. For a more modern and contemporary style consider white gold. Rose gold is a less popular choice, but still looks beautiful with Emeralds and is a great choice for all skin types.

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