Engagement Ring Engraving Ideas

July 10, 2017 / Engagement Rings

The final and most sentimental touch on an engagement ring is a personal, hand engraved message. A short message of love written in your own words is the perfect way to share something special, a secret between just the two of you. Whether it be a few words of love, a quote, lyrics or your names, there are many words to create a sentimental touch that will remain forever.

The most common are either your name and the date, or both. But if you wish to write something a little more romantic or personal then here are some of our favourite examples that you may wish to steal or to help you come up with your own expression of love.

Will you?

Love conquers all

My heart is in your hands

You have my heart

I choose you

My life began with you

I’m always with you

I knew from the moment I met you

You are my home

You are the love of my life

The best is yet to come

My soulmate

Can I keep you?

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