Top 10 Engagement Ring Trends of 2020

by Alex Sommerville
December 9, 2020 / Design Trends

As with all aspects of the bridal industry, engagement and wedding rings can follow various trends. These are often tied to the fashion industry and are influenced by the habits of celebrity and the vision of designers worldwide. At Larsen, we recommend that people make the design decision right for them rather than what the latest trend dictates. Knowing what’s hot right now will aid in that decision. In the lead up to wedding season, we would like to take a look at the top 10 trends we have noticed for the year so far.

1. Fancy Clusters

A solitaire diamond is not for everyone. For some a simple design just isn’t enough, they want to make a big statement. The simplest way to create a cluster is with a halo, but many are now opting for a style a little more on the fancy side. This ring features a spray of baguettes radiating out of the outer halo giving a more look! We can apply this same idea in a multitude of ways, depending on your personal style.

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This approach is not just for engagement rings either! It can just as easily apply to dress rings to give a piece that extra something. In this example, we have used two rows of diamonds, but it can also be done with just one or even in asymmetrical patterns.

2. Multiple Stones

The diamond solitaire has always been considered the classic choice for engagement rings. However, there has been a significant resurgence in the use of many stones in the one ring, usually in groups of three or five. This ring is a three-stone design with an oval-cut centre and two kite-shaped side diamonds. This is a fancy cut variant, traditionally three stone rings use round or oval cut stones. It is yet another example of how stones of an unusual cut can be used to stunning effect.

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The basic concept of using multiple stones can be applied in a variety of ways. It can be employed with different shaped or different coloured stones to great effect. The interpretation of this style is completely individual as everyone likes a different combination. Doing a run of smaller stones, 5 or more, can be a great way to make an engagement ring on a smaller budget too!

3. Blue Sapphire

While the use of sapphires in jewellery is common their use as the primary stone in engagement rings is not. Their popularity seems to ebb and wane from year to year, and this year they are making a comeback. Blue is the colour most people associate with the gem, however, they also form in a wide variety of other colours.

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“Something blue” is the main point of reference here. Sapphires a great choice for wedding jewellery of all types because of this. This blue sapphire engagement ring features an oval stone in the centre and a cluster a fancy cut diamonds on each shoulder. The delicate detail of the setting allows the colour to truly shine!

4. Nude/Pastel Tones

Nude is another trend that has done the rounds before, but it goes hand in hand with the rising popularity of pastel tones as well. The Nude tones of peach, pink, tan and yellow can also be described as pastel. The light and delicate tones of pastels can also be found in greens, blues and purples. The soft nature of these colours in the trend here, being more understated and less attention-grabbing.

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This example is a peach coloured sapphire set with two round diamonds. The style of the ring is actually not the most important point as any engagement ring can be made with a pastel or nude stone. The colour choice is what will make this trend personal as different people like different tones.

5. Fancy Shapes

While its demand is definitely not in decline the round brilliant cut diamond is not for everyone. Many people want to make a statement with their engagement ring and find that a fancy cut diamond is the way to do it. Fancy cuts are defined as anything that is not round in shape, and some are experiencing a boom right now. Emerald cut diamonds are being made popular by the likes of Jennifer Lawrence and Jennifer Lopez. They both have large emerald-cut diamonds in their rings. Chris Pratt recently gave his fiancée Katherine Schwarzenegger a beautiful oval cut diamond engagement ring.

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The ring we see here is a Marquise cut diamond of 2.67cts in white gold. This stunning stone is accented with small diamonds in the band of the ring, all set in white gold. Fancy cut diamonds can be the feature of any style of engagement ring. Choosing the style to suit your stone is often the best way to maximise the result. The most popular examples of fancy cuts are Emerald, Oval, Pear, Marquise and Cushion.

6. Nested Rings

The first thought that comes to mind with this style is Grandma’s engagement ring. The style has been around for a long time and reached its height in popularity in the ’70s and ’80s. This, unfortunately, means that virtually no one has wanted one since. While the towering settings of the ’70s have not returned, the idea of rings being made to fit into each other is coming back in new and exciting ways, reviving the style for the next generation.

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This ring is a great example of how to make nesting or fitted wedding jewellery. Unlike the rings of old, they are no longer high. In fact, the height is only defined by the centre stone and can be made as low as this will allow. The wedding ring and possible eternity band can then be made to fit this exactly. This creates a perfect set. This particular set has also embraced the use of the aforementioned pastel tones and Boho styles!

7. Teal Sapphires

They have been around for a while, but due to their ongoing demand, we doubt the will be going away any time soon! The teal colour of these stones can be light or dark, and they make a great alternative to those looking for something that is not the traditional blue. Many stones of this colour are in fact Australian parti colour sapphires. They display that magical combination of blue and green that makes them so popular.

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This ring has a sizeable stone in the centre and is complemented by two baguette-cut diamonds to emphasise its emerald-cut shape. When hunting for a stone of a particular tone or colour it is often wise to be as flexible as possible. The colour you love may not be available in the shape you had in mind, so flexibility with the design elements is crucial. It’s the colour that’s important! Find a stone, of any shape, that you love and build the best ring for it to sit in. Sometimes the gem dictates the style, let it tell its own story!

8. Vintage

This ring shows those vintage-style touches that many of our clients love. A hand-engraved band supports a beautiful oval cut diamond in a diamond halo with a delicate mill edge. Inspired by the jewellery of the past, this brand new ring is all elegance and class.

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Many love vintage pieces because of the yesteryear charm they give. These pieces can be harder to find and don’t provide the ability to customise the detail or composition. Many of the techniques used in the manufacture of bespoke jewellery are processes that have not changed over the decades. They are disciplines of handcrafting that are still used today, and they can be used to give that old world feel to a brand new piece of your own design.

9. Coloured Diamonds

A diamond engagement ring doesn’t have to be white. This ring features a beautiful pink diamond in a rose gold setting, the colours melting together for a stunning effect! Diamonds also come in other colours like intense yellow, pale champagne or rich chocolate brown. Prices vary greatly depending on the rarity (pink being amongst the most expensive), but most are more affordable than you think!

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For those looking for something different, yet retaining the value and durability of a diamond, these stones are a great choice. Viewing them as an option during your design consultation is well worth considering.

10. Yellow Gold

For the better part of the last decade, white metals have dominated bridal jewellery. Regarded as neutral in tone and therefore universal white gold and platinum have been the popular choice. This is particularly true when it comes to pieces with white diamonds as the metal does not compete with the stones. Platinum has dramatically increased in popularity due to its largely static price. Once much more expensive than gold, it is now in some case becoming the more affordable option.

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Yellow gold is quickly increasing in popularity as the primary metal of engagement rings. It has been increasingly in demand as the coloured gold of choice and sits well with both vintage and boho style rings. This ring is a modern take on a vintage style, however, making it in all yellow gold makes it stand out from the rest. Rose gold isn’t for everyone after all!

We add many of our custom engagement ring designs over the year to our unique engagement rings gallery, click the link to browse and find your favourite.

So there is our top 10! These are examples of the latest trends and tastes emerging in the world of custom jewellery. Ultimately the choice of style is an expression of the wearer and the taste of the individual. Just like any fashion item, there some aspects of design that go in out of fashion. So in a nutshell, what are the core trends of 2020?

What colours are trending in 2020?

With the exceptions of the blue sapphire, red ruby and green emerald (which will never go out of style), there is a noticeable trend this year. Softer tones are definitely in demand. Peachy pinks and lilac purples, mint greens and lemon yellow. Coloured gemstones offer a great alternative to diamond, but can it can be harder to find the one that’s right for you. The quality of the stone’s cut can also affect how the colour presents, so expert advice is vital. For most, it is the hue of the colour that is important. Being flexible about the shape of the stone and style of the ring will usually get you exactly the colour you love.

Extra care must be taken with most coloured gemstones due to their more fragile nature, but there is no denying their beauty. The colour can be chosen to meld with the colour of your gold or can stand in stark contrast. There is no right or wrong answer to what colour is best, but choosing a pallet based on the natural tones of your skin can be a great place to start.

What metals are trending in 2020?

Platinum is becoming the white metal of choice now that its price is much closer to gold. The gold price has started to soar this year due to its close relationship with the financial market. This has meant that for many, white gold simply doesn’t represent the better buy when platinum is so close in value.

With this in mind, simply from a fashion standpoint, yellow gold seems to be king once again. There is often a swing from yellow to rose and back again as the years go by, one always in dominance. It is best to base the decision on what metal looks best on your skin, as well as the style of ring. Pink and purple stones look best in rose, white diamonds in white metal for example. Just choosing the right stone, the right metal may not be the one that is currently trending in fashion. Let your eyes tell you what looks best, you will after all be the one who has to wear it!

What diamond shape is trending in 2020?

With more and more people wanting an engagement ring that is individual, there has been a shift away from the traditional round diamond. The fancy diamond cuts have proven the preferred choice this year. The choice of shape can often be determined by the style of ring, often seen with the use of emerald cuts in art deco styles. Those hunting for a solitaire will not be limited by style.

There has been a definite surge in demand for both pear and marquise-shaped diamonds of late. Their soft curves, juxtaposed by their sharp corner, give a refined aesthetic that proves popular. Every diamond shape has it’s own charm, and quality of the cut is key for bright stone. Unlike their round cousins, fancy shaped diamonds are not given a cut grade with their certificate, so expert advice is essential. Luckily we can help with that!

What is our favourite trend?

Engagement rings are as individual as the person wearing them. While investigating what’s hot right now, don’t forget that style changes. They were popular in the ’70s but do you own a pair of flares? Don’t confuse a trend with innovation, as the former feeds the latter. Designs change as new ways of doing things are evolve and as new generations move the foreground. The best engagement rings are expressions of the self, whilst remaining as timeless as possible.

What will you do? Is the trend of today a true representation of you, or will set the next trend with something bold and new? Here at Larsen, we can help you explore it all and find the style that is best for your love story.

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