Engagement rings with pear diamonds

by Lars Larsen
November 16, 2013 / Diamond Education,Engagement Rings,Jewellery Buying Guide


Pear-shaped diamonds are a wonderful versatile choice that is often overlooked for the more popular diamond choices. Why are they so fabulous? Apart from being such an exquisite shape, similar to a teardrop, they combine the best features of oval cut and a marquise cut diamonds.
When choosing a pear shaped diamond the cut is of most importance. If a pear shaped diamond has not been cut well the diamond will display what is called a ‘bow-tie’ effect. This is when a dark section appears in the centre, detracting from the overall brilliance of the stone. On the other hand, when a pear shaped diamond has been cut well the oval end of the stone will have facets similar to that of an oval cut diamond and the pointed end facets will reflect a marquise diamond. These elements combined will create a diamond that has the fire and brilliance of both of these cuts. 
Pear shaped diamonds will all vary in appearance. Like oval diamonds come in a variety of shapes, some might be long and narrow, whereas others may be wider and shorter, the same applies to pear shaped diamonds. Rough diamonds are will be cut and polished to get the highest quality result depending on their original shape.  A pear diamond can be elongated or be short in length and have a wider rounded base. There is no right or wrong, your taste is what should determine your choice. 
Pear diamonds look wonderful in engagement rings, either as a solitaire creating a lovely contemporary look or choose vintage look and surround your pear diamond with a lovely halo of diamonds. They are a great option if you have small fingers, like oval or marquise diamonds, they create the illusion of longer fingers. 
Whatever you decide, whether you create your own unique design, choose a classic pear engagement ring or take inspiration from the famous hands in Hollywood; pear diamond engagement rings will create an original stand-out show stopper!


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