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5 of Our Favourite Settings

September 10, 2015

Engagement rings may look similar to the untrained eye, but once you start looking at engagement rings closely you will soon notice it is all in the details. Some of the most beautiful details of an engagement ring are also the most discreet. When choosing an engagement ring it is not always as straightforward as selecting a ring then choosing the diamond. There are many decisions, from the style, diamond or gemstone, metal and whether to have a solitaire or side-stone, halo or three stone and if you love intricate detail then you have much to consider.
How you choose to set your diamond is one of the most important design decisions and if you love exquisite detail this is your opportunity to create subtle beauty within your piece. One area of the setting that many do not consider prior to visiting a jeweller is the discreet detail where the diamond is housed, referred to as the ‘gallery’. To inspire you here are five of our favourite rings with exquisite detail:
                                                                               The ‘Pear Pave’
                                                                                The ‘Atlantis’
                                                                            The ‘Midnight Sky’
                                                                            The ‘Renaissance’
                                                                                   The ‘Tesoro’

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