Black Diamonds

by Lars Larsen
September 8, 2011 / Diamond Education,Engagement Rings

Larsen Jewellery specialises in custom made fine diamond jewellery. We can create your dream piece of jewellery to the highest standard of workmanship, involving you in the entire process.

Whether you’re after loose diamonds, an engagement ring, wedding rings or a gift for someone special, our team of expert Jewellers can happily assist you.

Diamonds come in a dazzling array of shades, from classic whites to rare pinks and yellows. The beauty of black diamonds, however, is somewhat underestimated by buyers and many people are still unaware of their existence.

Larsen Jewellery offers small black diamonds under 0.10ct as a wonderful option to be set into wedding rings or eternity bands. 

Black diamonds are slightly more porous than white diamonds, which is why they are recommend in small sizes under 0.10ct. They are made of the same crystalline structure as white diamonds, with the difference being its inclusions of Carbon Graphite, Magnetite and Hematite; creating a dramatic change of colour in the stone.  Shades range from a dense black, to weaker charcoal-black hues.

Being opaque in clarity, they absorb light rather than reflect it, meaning they don’t sparkle in the same way other diamonds do. Regardless of this, they are mysteriously elegant and have a certain intrigue that no other gemstone can replicate. They are also very budget-friendly.

For more information about black diamonds, or to arrange an appointment, please call Larsen Jewellery on 02 9223 2006.

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