What are Emeralds

February 21, 2011

Emerald is the vibrant green variety of beryl that is coloured by chromium. Traditionally, emerald is regarded as one of the five precious gemstones. It is the birthstone of May and commemorates the 20th and 35th wedding anniversaries.

Although emeralds are mined in many places around the world, including Egypt, Austria, Brazil, Pakistan, Russia, Australia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, India, Tanzania, Zambia, Nigeria, Madagascar, Norway, USA (Carolina), Mozambique and Afghanistan, it is Colombian emeralds that are the most highly sought after and are recognized as the world’s finest. Colombia’s most famed emerald mining locations in order of current production include Cosquez, Muzo and Chivor.

One of the characteristics of most natural emeralds is that they are inherently included. These inclusion are not always to be seen as a bad thing – the poetic word ‘jardins’ is used to describe them and means ‘gardens’ in French. Unfortunately these ‘jardins’ are also the reason why emeralds are known to be fragile.

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