Engagement rings to suit an active liftstyle

October 22, 2013

Every lady wants a dazzling, beautiful engagement ring! But there are some of you who might be concerned that an active/sporty/outdoors lifestyle or a hands-on job may mean sacrificing your dream ring. There is a solution ladies and it is all in the design!

Perhaps the best option is not a solitaire engagement ring that sits high with fine claws but rather a lower, bezel set diamond. This will offer more protection around the stone and could be more suitable for active hands. 
A bezel setting is a piece of metal that wraps around a diamond securely and sits slightly above the stone to provide that extra protection against knocks. Another option is a semi-bezel setting, where the bezel does not cover the entire stone leaving small gaps to allow extra light to hit the stone. This is also a very secure option.
This does not mean that you can’t have lots of sparkle! You can have your diamond set low with a halo of smaller diamonds set around it and/or diamonds set into your band on either side of the central stone. There are so many design options! A good jeweller will listen to your needs and work with you to custom design the best ring to suit your lifestyle.
Here are a few of Larsen Jewellery’s Bezel set engagement rings:
The ‘Sunburst II’ featuring a 1.01 carat round brilliant diamond in a bezel setting
The ‘Hera’ featuring a 1.5 carat princess cut diamond in a semi-bezel setting
The ‘Orion’ featuring a 1.00 carat oval shaped diamond in a semi-bezel setting


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