Why you need to protect your jewellery

by Nicole
May 19, 2016 / Engagement Rings,Jewellery Buying Guide

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A valuable jewellery purchase such as your engagement ring, is an investment. It is a treasured item that holds both monetary and (more importantly) sentimental value. For this reason, it is so important to look after and protect your jewellery just like you would with any other significant purchase; such as a car.

Remembering the value and the importance of your fine jewellery will help prevent you from treating it like you would with any other lower value piece of jewellery or clothing.

If you are one to fall into the habit of wearing your jewellery as an extension of yourself, forgetting that you have it on, here are a few good habits to adopt from the beginning:

– Have a safe spot where you place your jewellery when you’re washing up, in the bathroom or cleaning with harsh chemicals. A small dish where you can routinely place your jewellery is a great idea to avoid exposing it to unwanted knocks, household chemicals or, even worse, the risk of losing your ring down a drain.

– Avoid wearing your ring at the gym. This is one sure-fire way to bend it out of shape and to speed up the wearing process. You’ve invested a lot of money, there is no need to go and give your ring a work out as well. Keep a pouch in your bag that you place your ring in before stepping into the weights room.

– Every year visit your jeweller to make sure the stones are still set securely and have your ring cleaned. Your jeweller may even treat your ring to a light polish to remove any fine scratches. This will keep your ring looking beautiful for many years to come.

– Adopt a cleaning routine at home to keep your ring sparkling. Every so often give your ring a gentle scrub with an soft tooth brush and warm soapy water, particularly focusing under the setting. Rinse the soap away under running water then dry with a tissue.


Investing in a beautiful piece of jewellery and taking the time to make sure you look after it, means it makes sense to also insure your ring. It would be awful to lose your ring or have it stolen and then subsequently have to fork out a significant amount for a replacement. Have a chat with your jeweller and ask if they can recommend a reputable insurance company who specialise in jewellery insurance.

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