Pear Cut Diamond Ring

by Lars Larsen
August 9, 2011 / Diamond Education,Engagement Rings

The Pear cut diamond, also known as the tear-drop cut was created using the best elements of both the Marquise and Oval shaped diamond cuts.

The Pear cut diamond ring is not as common as a Round or Princess cut diamond ring and is therefore a perfect option for those wanting something unique and different.

The team of expert Jewellers at Larsen Jewellery in Sydney and Melbourne can show you a selection of beautiful Pear cut diamonds to choose from, which you can then have set into your personally customised ring design.

It’s important to select Pear shaped diamonds based on the highest cut and symmetry grades to ensure the stone is as symmetrical as possible and demonstrates fire or ‘sparkle’.  Lower cut grades tend to show darkness in the centre of the stone which will in turn negatively affect even the most brilliant diamonds of the highest colour and clarity.

Another element to consider when choosing a Pear cut diamond is the width to length ratio. There is no ‘correct’ ratio but rather it is a matter of personal taste. The longer, narrower cuts can look fantastic in earrings and pendants; whereas the shorter and wider cuts are a wonderful choice for a Pear cut diamond ring or engagement ring.

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