The Oval Cut

by Lars Larsen
August 28, 2010 / Diamond Education,Engagement Rings


The oval cut is a variation of the round brilliant cut and is considered a very traditional cut.  This shape appeals to people looking for a stone that is traditional in appearance but not too common.  Oval cut diamonds only account for a small proportion of all diamond sales.

The oval cut has the same number of facets as the round brilliant cut.  A well proportioned oval cut diamond should not be too short and squat, or too long and skinny.  Most experts agree that the length should be around one and a half times the width.

One of the benefits of the oval cut is that, like the marquise cut, it makes the finger appear more slender.  However, unlike the marquise cut, the oval cut has broader appear given its more traditional shape.

An oval cut diamond does however present some design challenges as it can be difficult to match with other shapes of diamonds.  In engagement rings, oval cut diamonds are typically set as solitaires, or teamed with other oval cut stones or contrasting cuts like tapered baguettes.

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