Engraving Ideas for Your Engagement and Wedding Ring

One of the oldest artisan techniques that is applied to jewellery is hand engraving. Sadly, many now consider it a dying art. Thankfully it is not all but gone. Thanks to masters who are passing on their skills through specialised courses we are seeing a handful of new generation hand engravers joining the trade. Hand engraving is a small addition but it is a beautiful one, an investment into an ancient artisan craft.

If you are wanting to recreate a vintage inspired piece or come up with something truly unique that tells a story, then a hand engraved ring might be the perfect option for you. Hand engravers remove metal from the surface of your ring to create beautifully detailed and intricate patterns. Popular patterns seen in hand engraved designs usually feature floral / nature inspired patterns, but your imagination is the only limitation. To help inspire, here are some of the most popular and some unique hand engraved jewellery:


The ‘Morning Star’ featuring a beautiful leaf pattern hand engraved into the shoulders



The ‘Inscription’ wedding ring featuring a hand engraved scroll pattern



The ‘Bluebell’ hand engraved vintage inspired engagement ring




The ‘Star Gazer’ featuring a minimal hand engraved profile (also features exquisite hand engraving on the shoulders of the band).




The beautiful vintage inspired ‘Victoria’ featuring hand engraved profile

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