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Engagement ring shopping can be daunting, overwhelming… But ultimately a wonderful learning curve. 
This does not have to be the case. Engagement ring shopping should not be scary, but, it should be enjoyable and fun! To guarantee you enjoy the journey, here is a step by step guide to finding the perfect ring!
Step 1 – Inspiration
The first step before setting your foot into a jewellery store is to work out what style of ring you want! Jump on Pinterest, type in ‘engagement rings’ into the search function and you are on your way. Browsing online and flicking through magazines great source’s of inspiration or start to take a closer look at your mum’s, sister’s, friends or complete strangers engagement rings – most women would be flattered if you ask to have a closer look at their beautiful ring.
2. Consider Your Metal Options
Once you have an idea of the style you like, it’s time to consider what metal you would like. Firstly decide on the colour you prefer. The most popular choice these days is white coloured metals.  Alternatively or you may prefer the more traditional yellow gold or stunning rose gold. You may love the beautiful contrast rose and yellow gold give or the way white metal enhances your diamond. Also, consider what metal looks best with your skin tone.
3. Diamond Shapes
After browsing online and in magazines you may have a good idea of the shaped diamond you are after. The most popular choice is the Round Brilliant Cut. This is not your only option. There are so many shapes to choose from and some less known shapes that are perfect for those that are after a truly unique engagement ring. Shapes to consider are the Princess cut, Oval Cut, Asscher cut, Emerald cut, Radiant cut, Cushion cut, Pear cut or even the Marquise cut.
4. What Style of Setting?
The style of your setting, what holds your diamond in your engagement ring, can vary drastically from one class of ring to another. There are several types of setting styles to choose from. Take a look at the designs you like to get an idea of what styles you are drawn to most. You may perhaps be drawn to the finer, dainty and more classic styles such as the claw or coronet settings.  Or if you are leaning towards modern, heavier and more robust styles such as half and full bezel set stones. 
You may be drawn to a classic 6-claw solitaire or you may love the look of a ring with lots of diamonds, in which case an engagement ring surrounded with a halo of diamonds or diamonds set into the shoulders could be perfect for you. If you work with your hands and require something that provides your diamond with extra security from exposure to everyday knocks then you may consider a bezel setting where the diamond sits nice and secure, surrounded by a wall of metal holding your diamond in place. 
5. The 4C’s
If you have started to do some research, you have probably now come across the terms the 4c’s: colour, cut, clarity and carat. This is the grading system used to determine a diamonds overall quality. To get an idea of what quality diamond is right for you and to get as much out of an appointment with a jeweller it is always a good idea to do some research and preparation. To learn more about the 4c’s visit our helpful education page
6. Budget, Budget, Budget!
It is very easy to get swept away with all the sparkling diamonds and find yourself trying on rings that are substantially outside of your budget, no matter how small or big your budget. Remove the temptation of over-spending by deciding on a budget prior to visiting any jewellery stores, and (try to) stick to it! This will make the entire process much easier. 
Find out how much your preferred style of ring may cost before visiting a jeweller. The whole process will be a lot easier if you are being realistic about your budget for your preferred style of ring.  
7. Time to Try Some Bling On!
Now that you have a good idea of what you are after, it’s time to try some engagement rings on. If you and your partner have decided to choose the ring together, you are now well prepared for the next step. If you are finding the perfect ring and waiting for the surprise proposal, perhaps grab a close girlfriend or sister to come along with you. Having an extra opinion will help you decide on the ring for you and will provide your man with a priceless resource when he starts hunting for the perfect ring!
8. Decision Time!
Never feel rushed into making a decision. An engagement ring is a significant purchase and can, therefore, take a few visits before you make your final choice. A good jeweller will let you try on a range of different options, organise a selection of diamonds for you to view up close and happily seek other options if they don’t have exactly what you are after.
If you are waiting for the surprise proposal, then it’s time to start dropping those subtle, or not so (subtle), hints!

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