Fitted wedding ring styles

December 8, 2013 / Jewellery Buying Guide

Spring has come to a speedy end and we are now in the midst of summer. So for those of you who’ve opted to take advantage of the sunshine this means your wedding day is quickly approaching! Now is a good time to start organising your wedding rings, leaving plenty of time and avoiding unnecessary stress before the big day!

If you are avoiding organising your wedding rings, perhaps because you are unsure of what you want or how it will fit with your engagement ring, it’s time to visit your jeweller so that they can design the perfect solution!
It is often the case that engagement rings are shaped in a way that might leave you wondering ‘how on earth am I ever going to find a wedding ring to match?’ Maybe you love your engagement ring just as it is and you are worried that adding a wedding ring may detract attention from it. This is when a professional eye can help! There are several ways to design a ring so that it will sit perfectly beside your engagement ring and enhance it. With some creativity and fine craftsmanship your jeweller will be able to help you come up with a balanced and beautiful solution, a design that will complement your engagement ring. So what are you options? Three popular solutions are the curved wedding ring, a straight wedding ring with a notch and a wedding ring with a gap.
The curved wedding ring is a popular solution for those engagement rings that will not allow a straight wedding ring. This might be an unusual shaped setting that protrudes out. The curved wedding ring is designed with a slight curve so that it follows the line of your engagement ring. This style looks great when worn with your engagement ring, but also looks beautiful on its own.
The straight wedding ring with a notch is for those whose engagement ring setting sits out just a small amount or is not high enough preventing a straight wedding ring from sitting perfectly flush. In this instance a small notch can be created so that when worn with your engagement ring it locks in perfectly, creating the ultimate match.
The alternative solution when wanting your wedding ring to sit flush to your engagement ring is to have a small gap cut out of your wedding ring so that it locks in resting either side of your setting. This perhaps is not as popular as the alternative fitted wedding ring styles, but should not be overlooked as an option. If you intend on not wearing your engagement ring all the time, then this may not be the best solution for you.
At Larsen Jewellery, our jewellers specialise in making sure that your wedding ring will sit perfectly with your engagement ring. Whether it is a classic solitaire engagement ring or your own unique design, our jewellers will take the time to design the best solution for your needs.

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