Five of Our Favourite Three Stone Engagement Rings

Three stone engagement rings are a classic and timeless choice, just one of the many styles on offer.  Three stone ring designs are endlessly versatile, with many custom made options available. Although popular, they are not a new style. Three stone rings have been around for many years and their symbolic meaning; the past, present and future, only adds to their beauty.  

Traditionally, the middle stone will be the larger stone and will sit between two smaller stones. However, there are no set rules when custom designing a three stone engagement ring. Your options are endless, so you can be as creative or as traditional as you want.
Choose a traditional round brilliant cut set or consider other styles of cuts, mix diamonds and coloured gemstones or mix two different shaped stones together. A three stone ring truly is a fantastic choice if you are after a unique design.
Celebrities love this style as well; perhaps it is the symbolic meaning that makes them so appealing. A few of our favourites are Madonna’s 5-carat vintage style three stone ring she received off Guy Ritchie, Sophia Vergara’s beautiful three stone cushion cut engagement ring and Zoe Saldana’s amazing engagement ring featuring a Pear shaped Emerald in the centre and two trilliant diamonds set either side.
To help inspire you, here are a few of our favourite three stone engagement rings:
The Trio – the traditional three stone engagement ring. Custom make with your choice of diamond size.
The ‘Swing Trio with Pears’ featuring a 0.60 carat Round Brilliant diamond and two 0.30 carat Pear Shaped diamonds either side.  Mix different shaped diamonds together to create your own beautiful custom made piece.
 The elegant ‘Willow Princess’ featuring a Princess cut diamond with two tapered baguette diamonds set either side.
The ‘Radiance’ featuring a beautiful Radiant cut yellow sapphire and two Trapezoid diamonds either side. Choose a coloured gemstone for your centre stone to add some colour and purchase that large stone you dreamed of!
The ‘Embrace Trio’ featuring three round brilliant diamonds. Custom make with your choice of diamonds, gemstones or metal.

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