Five Pretty and Delicate Engagement Ring To Fall in Love With!

When you begin the search for the perfect engagement ring for you or your partner the first thing to consider is what style to choose. Often the easiest way to do this is to look no further than the wearer’s everyday style? Is she a lover of pretty, beautiful and feminine fashion? Or is she a modern, finger-on-the-pulse fashionista? Perhaps she is a rock’n’roll kind of girl?
Whatever her style is, there is a ring out there to match!
For those that are on the hunt for a delicate, pretty, feminine engagement ring then here are a few tips of what you might look for when searching for the perfect ring: 
1. Vintage Rings
Vintage rings are a great source of inspiration. Many vintage rings are delicate and include exquisite fine details. Think floral patterns, mill grain edges and filigree.  
2. Diamonds
Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and if your girlfriend loves everything pretty, chances are she will melt at the knees when her engagement ring is encrusted with eye-catching diamonds.
3. Coloured Diamonds or Gemstones
Your partner might have a favourite colour and if she loves girly, pretty things then pink might just be the right choice for her. Why not include one of nature’s more rare and beautiful creations into the design: a beautiful pink diamond or equally stunning pink sapphire.
4. Engraving
Hand-engraved patterns are an effective way to include intricate fine detail that can take away from the heavy look of a plain gold or platinum band. Floral patterns, swirls and scrolls make wonderful sources for inspiration and can incorporate small diamonds into the design for that extra sparkle!
5. Fine and Delicate Rings
Overall, when looking for that perfect feminine ring, look for fine and delicate details. Petite, small and dainty rings are often the perfect start when designing that beautiful engagement ring she is dreaming of.
To get you started with some inspiration, here are 5 of Larsen Jewellery’s favourite delicate and fine engagement rings:
The beautiful hand engraved detailing on one of our favourite engagement rings, the ‘Victoria’
The ‘Night Sky’ encrusted with diamonds and featuring a stunning Ceylon Sapphire
The ‘Calypso’ featuring a Black Sapphire and a stunning fine diamond band
The picture-perfect ‘Snowflake’ engagement ring featuring a total of seventeen diamonds to create a perfect snowflake.
The ‘Rose Amore’ featuring a Round Brilliant Diamond in a six claw setting and ten 2pt Pink Diamonds set into the shoulder.

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