Floral Inspired Engagement Rings

December 20, 2013 / Jewellery Buying Guide


Are you looking for a unique, pretty and feminine engagement ring? A floral inspired design might be the perfect choice for you.
A gift of flowers is a gesture of love and romance. When we think of Valentine‘s Day we instantly associate it with roses, the symbol of love. So to design an engagement ring that includes floral designs is a perfect way to create a ring with romanticism in mind. For centuries flowers have been used as a symbol of love in art and design, you only need to look at the art periods of Art Nouveau and Art Deco movements to see how floral motifs are such an important design element. 
The best thing about choosing a floral design engagement ring is that you open yourself up to a wealth of design options. These are just a few different ways you can include floral patterns into your engagement ring:
Vintage Floral Engagement Rings are an endless source for creative inspiration. Many antique rings feature floral motifs, so take the best bits of all your favourites and create your own. 
Floral Gemstones Arrangements. Design the layout of your gemstones to reflect floral patterns. This can also be a way to reduce cost. A group of smaller diamonds can be set closely together to represent a flower rather than setting one large stone.
Add Coloured Gemstones. Let your favourite flower inspire your choice of stones. Love red roses? Then choose from the abundance of pink and red gemstones; think rubies, sapphires and garnets just to name a few.
Hand Engraved Floral Motifs. Design your own floral pattern to be engraved into the band of your engagement ring to create a beautiful vintage look or design a modern floral pattern with gemstones scattered throughout.  

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